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Article published the October 5, 2021:

Maize particle size with the addition of wheat on zootechnical parameters in chickens

INTRODUCTIONThe physical form of the diet is a tool to improve broiler live performance, especially feed efficiency. However coarse feed particles enhance gizzard function, which was referred to as the pacemark...
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Arturo Cortes CuevasCarlos Lopez CoelloErnesto Avila GonzalezJose Arce MenocalJosé Herrera Camacho
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Article published the September 30, 2021:

Nutritional requirements of modern broilers

Introduction:Due to the constant genetic evolution in both the production of broilers, nutritionists must constantly adapt their nutritional recommendations and feeding programs to maximize economic results at ...
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Joaquin Armando Paulino Paniagua
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Article published the September 29, 2021:

Performance of broilers fed mash or pelleted diets containing different soybean meal particle sizes

IntroductionSoybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] meal (SBM) is typically the main protein feedstuff included in livestock diets (Félix et al., 2010; Oliveira et al., 2020). After being subjected to an adequa...
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Alex MaiorkaEverton Krabbe
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Article published the September 24, 2021:

Feeding Garlic Powder at Low Doses Does Not Negatively Affect Feedlot Cattle Health

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Article published the September 22, 2021:

Australian sorghum for broilers: value and opportunity

IntroductionSorghum ranks fifth in global cereal production after corn, wheat, rice and barley. Most of the world’s sorghum grain is fed to animals, including poultry, but it is also used for food (Africa...
Author/s :
Tim Walker
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Article published the August 31, 2021:

Better Energy utilization: Key for Profitable Poultry Farming

Improving poultry meat quality along with cutting down the cost of production has been one of the major objectives of most farmers and nutritionists. To achieve this objective, several strategies have been adop...
Author/s :
Dr Pooja Bhardwaj
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Article published the August 23, 2021:

Comparison of growth performance of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fed with different standard feed

1. IntroductionIn Nigeria today, despite the significant investment in commercial agriculture by the government, aid agencies, multilateral organizations and individuals, livestock production has not succeeded ...
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Orose EkinadoseWokeh Okechukwu Ken
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Article published the July 29, 2021:

Decreasing Dietary Cation-Anion Balances in Holstein Cows

Author/s :
Luciano Andriguetto
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Article published the July 28, 2021:

Diets with soybean expeller or soybean meal for finishing feedlot steers

Author/s :
Andrea PasinatoAnibal Javier PordomingoRicardo Rafael Jouli
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Article published the July 19, 2021:

Progress of amino acid nutrition for diet protein reduction in poultry

BackgroundInvestigations in reducing dietary crude protein (CP) in chickens began in the early 1940’s, which commenced nearly a century of exploration in this area of poultry nutrition research. Advances ...
Author/s :
Garrett MullenixMichael T. Kidd
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