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Article published the October 28, 2021:

Choline is essential and required for every body

Choline has long been considered an essential nutrient and has an identified requirement in most species, including humans. Though most can synthesize choline endogenously, it cannot be produced in sufficient q...
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Article published the October 7, 2021:

From colostrum to weaning: nutritional regulation of gut function in the dairy calf

IntroductionThe nutritional management of young dairy calves can have both short- and long-term effects, from influencing morbidity and mortality rates (Urie et al., 2018a) to reproductive efficiency and&n...
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Michael A. Steele
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Article published the September 24, 2021:

Diet for healthy gut: The secret for overall health and productivity of dairy cattle

IntroductionGut health is intrinsically linked with animal health, which in turn dictates cost efficient production. Animal health and productivity are intrinsically linked, as are gut health and animal&nb...
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Renee Maxine Petri
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Article published the September 13, 2021:

Supporting healthy immune function in transition dairy cows

IntroductionDairy cows experience massive metabolic demands to support lactation. They adapt their metabolism to do so, including uncoupling of the somatotropic axis (Baumgard et al., 2017) with peripheral...
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Stephen LeBlanc
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Article published the August 26, 2021:

Effects of Butyrate Supplementation on Energy Metabolism and Inflammation of Dairy Cows During the Calving Transition Period

IntroductionDairy cows are provided high allocations of grain following calving to meet high energy demands for milk production. However, increased grain consumption increases the flow of fermentable ...
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Lauren Engelking
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Article published the July 29, 2021:

Decreasing Dietary Cation-Anion Balances in Holstein Cows

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Luciano Andriguetto
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Article published the December 21, 2020:

Feeding of Dam During Postpartum Period to Augment Fertility in Bovines: A Scientific Approach

IntroductionThe rise in milk production has been accompanied by increasing incidence of health problems, declining ability to reproduce and declining the fertility of modern dairy cows. The transition from late...
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Article published the July 20, 2020:

Balancing Fat Nutrition to Optimise Transition Cow Performance

IntroductionThe transition period into lactation remains one of the most challenging and important phases of the production cycle in a dairy cow. It is a transient period around calving characterised by drastic...
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Joe Magadi
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Article published the March 31, 2020:

Metabolic Consequences of Inflammation and Leaky Gut

Dairy cows alter their metabolic, hormonal, mineral, and immunological systems as they transition from pregnancy to lactation. Following parturition cows are unable to consume enough nutrients to meet the energ...
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Erin HorstLance Baumgard
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Article published the November 8, 2019:

Mepron® supplementation during the transition phase and in early lactation increases DMI and performance of dairy cows

Transition – a metabolic challengeThe transition phase is the period of exceptional metabolic challenges. Daily milk yield increases rapidly but DMI does not follow fast enough. Energy balance is negative...
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Claudia Parys
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