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Article published the January 10, 2019:

Animal Welfare and Dairy Management

  Misconceptions Animals have to suffer on large confined operations. Abuse is rampant. Large herds only can exist through widespread use of antibiotics and hormones. Large farms pollute rivers. Mea...
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Walter Guterbock
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Article published the March 15, 2018:

Lameness in dairy heifers; impacts of hoof lesions present around first calving on future lameness, milk yield and culling risk

1. Introduction Lameness is one of the most significant diseases currently impacting on dairy cow health, welfare and productivity (Huxley, 2013). Since a first occurrence of lameness increases the future risk...
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Jon HuxleyLaura Green
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Article published the January 18, 2018:

Associations between lying behavior and lameness in Canadian Holstein-Friesian cows housed in freestall barns

INTRODUCTION Adequate rest has been positively associated with productivity, health, and welfare of dairy cattle. When access to stalls is restricted, cows prioritize lying down over feeding (Munksgaard et al...
Author/s :
Anne Marie de PassilléJeffrey P. RushenKarin OrselLaura SolanoStephen LeBlanc
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Article published the January 12, 2018:

The effect of Lameness before and during the breeding season on fertility in 10 pasture-based Irish dairy herds

Background Together with mastitis and poor fertility, lameness in cattle is one of three major factors influencing profitability and economic losses in modern dairy farming [1, 2]. In contrast to infertility ...
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Ingrid LorenzJon HuxleyJoris Somers
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Article published the October 19, 2017:

Measuring Claw Conformation in Cattle: Assessing the Agreement between Manual and Digital Measurement

1. Introduction It has long been recognized that being able to accurately assess conformational traits could be of significant benefit when determining selection policies and gauging the impact of factors, su...
Author/s :
Richard Laven
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Article published the September 29, 2017:

Prevalence of lameness and associated risk factors in Canadian Holstein-Friesian cows housed in freestall barns

INTRODUCTION Lameness is one of the most important welfare, health, and productivity problems in intensive dairy farming worldwide. Furthermore, it causes pain (Whay et al., 1998; Rushen et al., 2007), reduces...
Author/s :
Anne Marie de PassilléJeffrey P. RushenKarin OrselLaura SolanoStephen LeBlanc
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Article published the August 24, 2017:

Prevalence and distribution of foot lesions in dairy cattle in Alberta, Canada

INTRODUCTION Lameness is a severe welfare problem in cattle and has a detrimental effect on longevity (Cramer et al., 2009a), productivity (Green et al., 2002), and reproductive performance (Barkema et al., 19...
Author/s :
Karin OrselLaura SolanoStephen LeBlanc
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Article published the May 24, 2017:

Pressure Distribution of Claws of Lactating Cows Standing on Different Types of Flooring

Introduction The incidence of lameness is so high in many dairy herds that treatment of all lame cows is not feasible (Horseman et al., 2013). Because soft barn flooring may alleviate the problem of claw horn ...
Author/s :
Karl Nuss
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Article published the April 6, 2017:

Classification of behaviour in housed dairy cows using an accelerometer-based activity monitoring system

  Background Over the past decade, there has been a huge increase in the use of remote monitoring devices such as global positioning (GPS) trackers, location sensors, proximity loggers and accelerometers...
Author/s :
Nick J. Bell
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Article published the October 28, 2016:

Digital Cushion Fatty Acid Composition and Lipid Metabolism Gene Network Expression in Holstein Dairy Cows Fed a High-Energy Diet

Introduction Lameness is one of the most important welfare issues of high-producing dairy cows in North America [1]. The latter has been attributed to management and environmental factors [2] as well as physi...
Author/s :
Johan OsorioJuan Loor
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