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Article published the June 27, 2019:

High impact and effectiveness of Gavac™ vaccine in the national program for control of bovine ticks Rhipicephalus microplus in Venezuela

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Antonio Rojas
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Article published the August 30, 2018:

Synthetic Biodegradable Microparticle and Nanoparticle Vaccines against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus

1. IntroductionThe airways are the major point of entry for many pathogens. Among them, viruses, such as the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu) A and B, parainfluenza (PIV) 1, 2 and 3 and adenov...
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Ralph Tripp
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Article published the November 4, 2016:

The C-terminal Domain of Clostridium Perfringens Alpha Toxin as a Vaccine Candidate Against Bovine Necrohemorrhagic Enteritis

IntroductionClostridium perfringens is a Gram-positive, spore-forming, anaerobic bacterium. It is a normal component of the intestinal microbiota of animals, including humans. It secretes several toxins and enz...
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Filip Van ImmerseelFreddy HaesebrouckRichard Ducatelle
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Article published the April 21, 2015:

Facts about Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rbST)

Question: What is bST? Bovine somatotropin, also known as bovine growth hormone or BGH, is a protein hormone produced by the pituitary gland of cows. There are 20 amino acids that comprise the structure of all...
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Dale Bauman
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Article published the March 20, 2015:

Efficacy of vaccination on Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci intramammary infection dynamics in 2 dairy herds

* Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853† GD Animal Health, Arnsbergstraat 7, 7418 EZ Deventer, the Netherlands&Da...
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Roger Guix
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Article published the May 28, 2014:

Tick vaccine development

IntroductionBlood-feeding parasites have been reported to be the vectors of broad spectrum of disease agents since a long history. Ticks are one of those blood-sucking arthropods, responsible for a huge variety...
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Haroon RashidUmair Ahsan
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Article published the August 24, 2012:

Livestock Vaccines: How They Work and How to Ensure They Do Their Job

Vaccines are suspensions of microorganisms administered with the goal of stimulating the body's immune system against these same organisms, thereby preventing a clinical disease or reducing its severity. The ag...
Author/s :
Russ Daly, DVM, DACVPM
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Article published the August 4, 2011:

DNA Vaccines: an Emerging Technology in Veterinary Medicine

Introduction Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective medical technologies. Traditional vaccines have many practical disadvantages regarding their production, usage and efficacy. The application of live att...
Author/s :
Anas Ahmad Khan
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Article published the September 22, 2008:

Understanding Immunity and Vaccination

Dairy herd health involves many factors such as nutrition, housing, environmental conditions, vaccination programs and the introduction of herd replacements. These factors act together to influence the effectiv...
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