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Article published the July 11, 2019:

Use of Bovine Whey in the Manufacture of Handmade Paintings, Creating Added Value for the Benefit of the Agrarian Food Chain

Materials and methods Characterization of whey: To determine the physicochemical and microbiological properties of bovine whey, collecting samples of cow's milk from the integral "José Leonardo Chirino...
Author/s :
Héctor Bracho Espinoza
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Article published the May 2, 2019:

Quantity or quality. What is the key metric in the digital world?

Metrics, RoIs, data, KPIs. It’s a numbers world in the digital habitat, which makes it hard to stay away from the quantity trap where more is better. Getting excited about big numbers is easy and deceivin...
Author/s :
Manoella Alves
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Article published the September 5, 2018:

Dairy farmer, don't pay double tax in the summer

Taxation on the dairy activity varies from country to country. Some countries exempt farmers from paying income tax, others reduced tax rates and some countries ask dairy farmers to pay full tax on their income...
Author/s :
Israel Flamenbaum
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Article published the September 4, 2018:

Influence of fish oil in the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid and omega 6 and 3 in buffalo milk

Introduction  Consumption of saturated fatty acids in milk and meat from ruminants is associated with an increased incidence of coronary heart disease in human beings (Menotti et al.,1999). The fat from r...
Author/s :
D PochonExequiel Maria PatiñoGladis RébakGustavo Angel CrudeliMarcial Sanchez Negrette
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Article published the June 7, 2018:

Implementation of Israeli knowledge and experience to cool dairy cows in the world

In a lecture I gave at the 29th Israel Dairy Conference, held in Jerusalem in November 2017, I presented the principles of my work in consulting dairy farms around the world on coping with negative effect of su...
Author/s :
Israel Flamenbaum
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Article published the April 26, 2018:

When should the cluster be detached for cows?

Benefits of early detachment Faster milking. Early detachment reduces machine-on time. This may or may not result in milking more cows per hour depending on parlour size and milking routine. AMS benefit the mo...
Author/s :
Ralph GinsbergRupert Bruckmaier
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Article published the March 26, 2018:

Chemical composition and microbial quality of cow milk in urban and peri urban area of Dangila town, Western Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Introduction Milk is a liquid consisting of 86-87% water and this means that it is a bulky and heavy commodity. Milk is also produced on a daily basis. As a result, milk requires high cost transportation and t...
Author/s :
Bekele Aysheshim
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Article published the March 15, 2018:

Lameness in dairy heifers; impacts of hoof lesions present around first calving on future lameness, milk yield and culling risk

1. Introduction Lameness is one of the most significant diseases currently impacting on dairy cow health, welfare and productivity (Huxley, 2013). Since a first occurrence of lameness increases the future risk...
Author/s :
Jon HuxleyLaura Green
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Article published the March 1, 2018:

The effects of summer on milk production and its components, SCC and conception rate

The "Winter-Summer Ratio" report was developed by Dr. Israel Flamenbaum and Ephraim Ezra. This report reflects the gap in the performance of cows in different seasons and the ability of the individual farm to c...
Author/s :
Yaniv Lavon
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Article published the February 5, 2018:

Does the length of the dry period affect milk quality?

We have a renewed interest in the optimal dry period length for dairy cows. The average dry period length in the US is 57 days but variation exists. DHIA data say that on average, 13% of cows are dry less than ...
Author/s :
Albert De Vries
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