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Wet and Dry Salted Donkey hides For Sale.

Wet and Dry Salted Donkey hides For Sale.
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Miami, Maryland, United States

Product Description

Wet and Dry Salted Donkey hides For Sale.

Dry salted donkey hides our Wet salted donkey hides

Weight limits: 10/12 Kg. to +

Average Weight: 6/8 Kg.

Selection: - 80% A /20% B

One FCL load +/-1700 hides to+

100% machine fly

Size donkey: 17/20 sqft.

Origin: Peru

Port: Callo- Peru

Used: Gelatine production,medine,gelatin

Wool: 2mm - 4mm

Clasification: 80% A- 20% B

Pallets: we prefer to supply these skins

Wer salted on a reefer container o container dry

all first quality ( no holes, no cuts,not reaheated)

container: 20dry / reefer

Quantity per container: 1700 piece/pieces to +, wet salted fresh donkey hides

Quantity per pallets: 170 pieces per pallets - mas 10 pallets per 20 cont.

Quantity per monty: 6000 donkey hides/ 1-2 container per monty

Supply ability: 6000pieces per monty

contact for more details.

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I would like to buy a container of Wet Donkey Skins what is the $ Price and what is the process?



For, I’m looking for dry salted donkey hides for export to China. Please contact. Thanks
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