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Live Boer Goats For Sale

Live Boer Goats For Sale
Live Boer Goats For Sale
Live Boer Goats For Sale
Live Boer Goats For Sale
USD 220 00
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Miami, Maryland, United States

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Slaughter Wethers and Bucks

Seven Hills presently has a number a large number of slaughter bucks and wethers between 12 months and 2 years of age as well as some 12 month old wethers for sale.

These wethers have been bred specifically for the many religious festivals which occur during the year, and for producing fine quality small goods.

Stud / Breeding Bucks
We have 10 two year old full blood Boer bucks for sale. Priced between $300-$600. Also there are a number of older full blood bucks which have completed their breeding cycle at Seven Hills but are useful for other enterprises, all are proven breaders.

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I want this goat in India
I want to buy 1 pear of Boer goats , is possible to ship it to Oman?! And how much it coast?
Do you guys ship your livestock to Jamaica?
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