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Live Anglo Nubian Goats/Pregnant Goats

Live Anglo Nubian Goats/Pregnant Goats
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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

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The main identifying feature of this breed is the head, which has a pronounced roman” nose and long drooping ears. The goat has a long deep body and an upright stance. The large number of color variations, in the short silky coat, adds to the breeds’ attractions. An average 24 hours yield of 3.89 Kg. at 4.

84% butterfat and 3.51% protein was obtained by considering data from all Anglo Nubian entered in B.G.S. recognized milking trials in a recent year (467 performances). The milk is ideal for yogurt and cheese making. The breed is also well suited to meat production, both in its own right and when crossed with other breeds.

It adapts well to hot climates and has resulted in demand for exports to increase both milk and meat production.

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do you have e mail ?
send me your email address and what you need i will send you the quotation
hi, looking for around 50 pregnant nubian goats and around 10 sanen pregnant goats. Are you able to supply to Malaysia.
Send me your email address for quotation
Can you contat me WHATSAPP reference +584120866896
I require Anglo Nubian for milk purpose in India. Quantity required - 20 to 50 nos depending on price. Age - 1-4 years.
What is the gestration period of nubian goat
How can I send you the purchase order
message I'm waiting for an offer. I will take to Greece
Could you please advise if you have Anglo Nubian goats available for export ?

you can contact me at : llouali (at) yahoo (dot) com
better visit our website
Please respond to hjc(at) .
Hello ,
How many pieces would you have ?
How old are these goats and what is their live weight ?
Can you arrange transport to a different state in Hungary ?
Please share company details or phone number for easier communication ?
What are you payment terms ?
Do the animals have ENAR number ?

Send me your email address and number i will send you the quote
Hi, we are looking for type of Goats which deliver from 6 to 7 litters of milk per day. We needs to import them to our country, Kurdistan, Iraq

You advise will be appreciated.
Send us your email address
Is there a cargo to Azerbaijan? About cargo to Azerbaijan? How much money per animal kargo to Azerbaijan? I'm dealing with individual entrepreneurship I need more information, send me pictures Anglo Nubian goat, I would be very pleased
Goats pregnant?
How many kilograms of goats?
Cheapest cargo to keep goats safe?
I need your email address so that i can send you the quotation and the photos which you have requested .
I wait for your response soon
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