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Vinayak Ingredients has specialized feed additive products for high-performing dairy cattle, fast-growing beef cattle as well as Goat and Sheep. We also have solutions tailored for specific needs in nutrition or on technical performance in production.

KiFAY-Ruminant is an amino acid optimizer which improves protein turnover. It reduces amino acid wastage and directs proteogenic nutrition to improve performance. It is a natural feed additive that maintains the anabolic state of the animal in isoenergic diets.

It is a specifically developed for high-producing cattle, both dairy cows and beef cattle, Goat and Sheep. All aspects of the animal’s immune system are made of protein. Also proteins are important in the repair of wear and tear in the body. KiFAY thus has an indirect role in mastitis prevention as it promotes maintenance of tissue integrity of the udder thereby inhibiting the entry of mastitis causing pathogens. KiFAY thus contributes in strengthening the skin barrier function.

KiFAY reduces stress and catabolic losses during production and helps the animals to maintain efficient performance even during pathological or physiological challenges. KiFAY is thus a tool to boost the production abilities of a lactating cow with an overall improvement in the health and welfare of the animal.

During early and peak lactation, the cow needs a protein concentrate which is rich in essential amino acids. Young, growing cattle, Goat and Sheep in particular, need high levels of protein in their diets to support muscle growth. It is well proven that feeding by-pass protein to young growing ruminant’s benefits animal performance and muscle development. To support high milk yield or significant daily weight gain, good roughage must be combined with a feed and a high level of amino acid optimizer which improves protein turnover like Kifay.

KiFAY-Ruminant improves milk yield, milk composition and milk protein. Besides the total protein levels, KiFAY causes an increment in the Fat & SNF levels as well in Milk. KiFAY thus has a holistic improvement on the milk produced as it not only improves the milk yield but also enhances the quality of milk produced. It improve digestibility of all nutrients. Its benefit the ruminant’s health and fertility and Improved growth rates and body condition score.

Adding feed additives is a cost-efficient alternative for boosting the energy content in the feed blends. KiFAY-Ruminant is a substances of plant origin added to animal diets at recommended levels with the aim of improving animal performance.

Features & Benefits :
Increase the Fat and SNF in milk
Increased Palatability of Food 5 to 6 % improved DMI (Dry matter intake)
Improved Milk Yield 4 to 5 % improved milk yield
Improved Dung Texture
Enhanced Immunity
Improved Milk Protein 2 to 3 % improved milk protein yield
Improved growth rates and body condition score

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