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Ox Gallstones for sale for sale,whole sales quality dry seahorse.

Ox Gallstones for sale for sale,whole sales quality dry seahorse.
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Beijing [Peking] , United States

Product Description

Dear sir / madam, we are suppliers of high quality cow/ox gallstones. we have for immediate import well dried, raw natural ox gallstones from disease free cows. specification;Type: Ox Gallstones Color: Mix Packaging: Custom Place of Origin: Cameroon Packaging Details: As per buyers request Delivery Detail: 1-4 Days.
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I am Dr Vikrant _Tewari from Organic Smile in India. I need cattle gallstones for my clients in India and abroad. I prefer whole stones which are yellowish golden orange in colour and 100% dry. This business of mine is a regular business 365 days a year.Kindly contact me on my mobile +91-9810199808
It would be a free call on the whatsapp
we are buyer, contact us by whatsup: +86 15210774305
Thank you, my friend, thank you for your offer, but we will not make an early payment, but thank you for your attention, thank you very much.
NOTE: What is your country?
Thank you friend, the problem is always the payment method, everyone always want to pay in advance. and your price is very high, to negotiate here in Brazil, thank you for your attention, thank you very much.
I understand your very well,but let me assure you that we are going to deliver your product without any problem.We can negotiate price depending on your order.because we give discounts to large order.If you let us know your final order you would be paying just 40% of the money so that once we deliver your products you can then pay the remaining 60%.Even if you are not getting from us now you can as well refer us to other buyers so that we can do business together okay.
Yes, I have an interest in doing business with you, I'm in Brazil.
Hi thanks for getting back to us with the inquiries.Below is our price list as follows,

Price per gram = $24
Minimum order:500 Gram (Min. Order)
Supply Ability: 7 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Payment Terms:
Buyer pays 70% of the total price and completes the rest 30% when he/she receives goods.
a.) We want long term buyers not just one time buyers. So if buyer can sign long term contract
with us, it will be great.
b.) We receive payments through Bank or Bitcoins.
c.) Broken ox gallstones price/gram = $15

So let us know your final order so that we can move to the next step. And also send us your full delivery address where the products shall be delivered so that we can start the arrangement.
Thank you.
Good Morning
Can I withdraw the product directly with you? could make contact Whatsapp?

Whatsapp: 55-21-988832660
No problem,May I know where you are located?
Let us know the quantity that you want please.
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