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Assaf Sheep For Sale

Assaf Sheep For Sale
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Texas, Estados Unidos de América

Product Description

Assaf Sheep For Sale

Assaf sheep is the result of crossbreeding of Awassi and East Friesian sheep milk. In 1955, researchers of ‘Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) has started this project which aims to improve the fertility of Awassi sheep. A combination of 3/8 and 5/8 East Friesian blood Awassi emerged as the best cross. Most breeders of dairy sheep in Israel have adopted the Assaf, who is considered not only a top quality milk from sheep and mutton producer excellent, but it is also well adapted to semi-extensive with extensive production systems. Conditions in Israel, where sheep have about 3 lambings in two years, the annual milk production is 450 litters. Demand for Assaf sheep is increasing every year. As we been exported to Spain, Portugal, Chile, Africa , USA and Peru. Breed categories: dual-purpose (milk and meat)

Age : 18 Months

Available: 800 Heads

Weight: 70-90 kg

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Hello, I would like to know how much you are selling your sheep for. I was looking to buy around 2 Rams and 6 ewe's. Thank you.
please send me information.
could you please send me a quote for 500 Assaf sheep, via air freight to Israel.
i want only males. at 30 kg each. please send me a quote thanks my email is thanking you in advance.

Eliyahu Gross
Hi. I am farming in the Klein Karoo South Africa. I need information to import the Afas sheep to South Africa, please?
I would like to purchase 4 ewes and one ram. Please tell me availability and price.

hello in regards of the 4 ewes and one ram that you want to purchase please contact me through whats app +4796958039
Hello, How much are you selling the Awassi eves?
for more information regarding our healthy awassi sheeps please do well to contact us directly through email: or whats app at +27732390951
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