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Why Steam is Important for Sawdust Pellet Mill?

Why Steam is Important for Sawdust Pellet Mill?
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Due to the improper addition of steam, water content in modulated material is relatively high. Once sawdust pellet mill works, blocking failure would always exist and occur if situation gets worsen. How to avoid the blocking failure? Here comes the solutions. Before the work of sawdust pellet mill, you should open the cover of modulator and discharge out the water remains, then use proper amount of raw materials to evenly dilute the water remains.

At last, you should place the covers right and add suitable amount of steam. Based on the above work, you can successfully finish the production work. When raw materials are just fed, you should not be hurry to add steam. Since raw materials at this time are small in amount, it is quite hard to control the steam amount at suitable degree. If steam is much and raw material is less, blocking failure will be easy to occur.

If you come across the blocking failure, you should deal it flexibly according to the actual situation. If the blocking failure is slight, you can cover the blocking with a layer of oil. When oil is fully immersed into blockings, you can turn on the sawdust pellet mill and make the blocking be gradually discharged out. While, if the blocking failure is quite serious, the above way will not work.

To solve the failure and prevent dynamo from being burned out, you can widen the distance between roller and ring die, use the shovel to clear blocking, then adjust the distance again. Email us to get the latest price!

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