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Video published on December 22, 2022
Joe Kearns (JPK Consulting) discusses different factors involved in the production of aquafeed, during FIGAP 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Participation in Forum on August 17, 2018
shadrack otieno Just saw this message, noted you extruder corn or maize grains, you check bulk density and moisture levels. I need to ask you to clarify what you mean by what nozzle is best for this? Define nozzle. I can make an assumption as in die opening but I will allow you to clarify first.Joe Kearns.
Participation in Forum on August 16, 2018
Herman Moeliana,Hello, read this string of comments and I doubt DOX can texturize whole soybeans. I can confirm that correctly configured twin screw extruders can texturize whole soybeans ground into a flour. Not saying it is a sellable product as did not do tremendous work on it but it did work and the result was my belief that whole ground soybeans and fish meal could be texturized and that also ...
Participation in Forum on August 14, 2018
I guess you feel additives are better if you sell additives. I for one prefer to be sure the system is as it should be and then and only then additives if needed. Could be in this case as I do not know the system. At 55 kegs per hour doubt is very complex and also doubtful additives would assist. Who can tell for sure?
Participation in Forum on August 14, 2018
There are many factors to discuss on extrusion of fish feeds and as an option chicken feeds. Floating need approx 20 % starch normally and enough shear and pressure in the extruder to achieve expansion. More shear and more pressure equals to greater floatability and pellet strength. Preconditioning prepares the material for the extruder and too much water, which can act like oil which reduces expa ...
Participation in Forum on July 18, 2018
Radmilo Colovic All is good. The tuna feeds worked on while at Wenger were of the semi moist style. 3 feed streams, one of standard feed ingredients at 11- 12% moisture. The 2nd stream or the ground up pilchards approx. 65% moisture, and the liquid stream of humectants. All by computer control with flow meters etc to get the percent's correct. We were really up in moisture near 40%. 1/2 the formul ...
Participation in Forum on July 2, 2018
How about I respond to this one also. The answer is yes a functional small version of large well designed extruder can make floating and sinking feeds. The question is not technical but cost effectiveness. Unless the feed is of such a high value the cost of a small proper extruder is not justifiable.
Participation in Forum on January 25, 2018
Enrique Diaz Both of you are in the zone of being correct. Extrusion with advanced preconditioning can be up to 4 min but the goal is not to go over this as lysine destruction may occur. Temperatures can be most generally from room temperature or even lower up to about 130 with the odd temperature requirement for some unusual product going much higher as in melting and extruding straight sugar ...
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