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Roles of Press Rollers for FTM Straw Pellet Mill

Roles of Press Rollers for FTM Straw Pellet Mill
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zhengzhou, Colorado, United States

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Straw pellet mill, also named as straw pellet machine, is mainly used to make biomass particles. As we find out, different parts of straw pellet machine can perform different features during the working process. The following content will discuss about them one by one. As to the press rollers, they perform the features of low revolving speed and large diameter. By virtue of these features, press rollers can hold the raw materials firmly. Meanwhile, raw materials have little chance to slip out.

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While, press rollers can not make the pure rolling on the whole during the working process. Seeing from the axial direction, we can find that the press rollers can move inside and outside. The movement of press rollers is dependent on the working principle of straw pellet making machine, but not the properties of raw materials. Admittedly, the existence of movement can accelerate the wear of press rollers to certain extent. While, from other perspective, the movement of press rollers can enhance the performance of straw pellet machine to mill raw materials rich in coarse fibers.

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