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poultry farm design_shandong tobetter Professional integrity

poultry farm design_shandong tobetter Professional integrity
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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With the economic development of poultry farmers more and more , poultry farm design volume increasing year by year , it should be how to design a good poultry farm becomes a problem faced by farmers who , following on poultry farms design and site selection problem to introduce to farmers who look:
1 , natural conditions : including topography, soil, water , climate, rainfall , wind direction and the growth of crops and so on. Farms should be high and dry , sunny , easy drainage ; soil should be a good air permeability and water permeability sandy loam or loam ; adequate water, good water quality ; lush crop growth , abundant forage . In addition , should also be aware of local maximum and minimum temperatures, congealing the depth of the soil , rainfall and snow depth , maximum wind , perennial dominant wind direction , wind frequency and sunlight and so , in order to arrange the house towards the layout and heatstroke cold measures.
2. Social conditions: including transportation, electricity, epidemic , local economic conditions and customs and so on . Farms requires convenient transportation , adequate power ; it is best not to build the market or expansion on the old farm , should avoid veterinary stations , markets and slaughterhouses ; according to the local food industry , feed industry and livestock production and processing industry development , standard of living and lifestyle of the people to determine the type and chicken rearing
3 , the location and area : farm settings should be beneficial to sales , production and service , but also to facilitate the health and epidemic prevention and excreta disposal opening position requires less than 10 km from the city , and the other less than 20 km from the poultry farm and away from industrial areas ( such as cement plants, steel mills, chemical plants ) ; farms should be away from residential areas above 1,000 meters ; less than 500 meters from the main road , secondary road 100 to 200 meters , to minimize interference. Ensure quiet farms .
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