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commercial poultry equipment_shandong tobetter selling the world

commercial poultry equipment_shandong tobetter selling the world
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Now, in the aquaculture farmers use breeding methods, the more advanced method is the use of commercial poultry equipment feeding poultry, equipment, the main supporting facilities are: cages, fecal system, feeding system, environmental control system, ventilation cooling system. Shandong tobetter on the following to introduce one by one commercial poultry equipment
Egg-picking machine: a large-scale layer of chicken farm equipment necessary, egg-collecting machine is the main function of the eggs sent from a cage to a place together, so that egg workers do not have to run around, from one place Picking up on it, and reduce the labor of the egg-picking workers, but increased labor efficiency, so as to achieve cost-effective results.
Environmental control system: precise control technology to ensure that the savings in feed, reduce energy consumption, easy to manage interface software, a computer terminal can manage multiple coops, real-time transmission of comprehensive data, so that chicken can be in the year Appropriate temperature and humidity in the growth, so that the death rate of chickens greatly reduced.
Feeding system: Feeder not only saves time, but also the liberation of the human: Feeding machine directly to push the material, safe, convenient, energy saving, no noise, chicken reaction, feeding machine can achieve 10,000 chickens 40 minutes Can complete a feeding, very convenient.
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