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Automatic Hydroponic Vegetables Sprouting Machine

Automatic Hydroponic Vegetables Sprouting Machine
Automatic Hydroponic Vegetables Sprouting Machine
Automatic Hydroponic Vegetables Sprouting Machine
Automatic Hydroponic Vegetables Sprouting Machine
Product location

Zhengzhou, Henan [Honan] , China

Product Description

Automatic bean seedling making machine / Grain vegetables sprouting machine / Green yellow fodder machine

Introduction of green yellow fodder machine
1. Whole machine structure material is stainless steel, cabinet material is waterproof, rust-proof, thermal insulation.
2. Independent computer control panel, water less alarms, automatic adding water in tank, full automatic operation can save a lot labor
3. Water tank: temperature display, high temperature alarm, water tank to be automatic adding water, automatic heating, constant temperature, automatic pouring water, pouring water time interval display, pouring water delay display, manual drench water.
4. It can be applied to grow soya bean, wheat, barley seeds into green grass.

Introduction of hydroponic fodder machine:
hydroponic fodder machine has easy operation system, hydroponic fodder machine uses automatic temperature control and automatic watering system.People only need to put the seed into the boxes, it can automatic produce sprouts. 1 kg soybean and wheat can produce about 8-12kg final sprouts.
hydroponic fodder machine is full automatic, non-pollution and environment friendly. It is combination of modern technology and traditional technology. By microcomputer, sprout machine automatically control temperature, add temperature, keep temperature, show temperature, drip water, this kind of sprout machine achieves the full automatic of producing process, its advantages are saving time, saving labor, low consumption, and no noise.

Features of hydroponic fodder machine:
a. Intelligent computer digital display to control temperature and water spray time.
b. Hot insulation, built-in water tank, saving 60% water and energy.
c. All steel structure, durable steel plate, safe to transport.
d. The growth chambers are placed in isolation, suit to place beans in turn, and no interfere with each other, easy to disinfect and clean.
e. Strong practical applicability. The sprouting vegetables grow rapidly and uniformly.
f. The bean sprout looks beautiful and taste fresh and tender.
g. There is no need to hire someone to take care of the bean sprouts.

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