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Flat Die Pellet Machines Flat Die Pellet Machines is the second type , which is mainly in northern part of China,such as Shandong Provience and Henan Provience....
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What character the flour milling machine international agent should have? This question may have many answers, some are just like following: 1. If you want to be a good flour milling machine internati...
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Last comment: October 28, 2015
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Does CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT WHOLESALE have any influence on corn flavor? With the rapid development of corn processing equipment wholesale, we can produce more and more kinds of corn products. We k...
Last comment: October 23, 2015
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DL-Methionine industry has been developing for several decades in China. Its unique nutritive value makes its indispensability in poultry and live stock industry. Now i want to talk about the importan...
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Seed is one of our main food crops in China with the features of long industry chain and high nutrition. By seed flour mill, we can process seed into various kinds of food, livestock feed and indus...
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Last comment: October 18, 2015
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GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE industry is in a prosperous situation now. We should grasp the opportunity to develop new types which can extend the processing products so that the grain cleaning machine can b...
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Corn double screw extruder specializes in extrusion puffing, extrusion ripening and extrusion degenerating. It is applied in the puffing process to cereals, potato, starch, protein, chemical materials...
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Application of corn polishing machine: TXQS40*2 moldy corn kneading type corn polishing machine can process moldy corn by kneading type cleaning and polishing so as to improve corn grade. Design bac...
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Sesame seed cleaning and peeling plant plays an important role in sesame processing project. It can peel white or black sesame seeds efficiently and with large processing quantity so as to improve ses...
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Sesame cleaning machine has automatic feeding and automatic separation function, which can improve working efficiency and replace the current sesame washing and cleaning technology. It has no sesame d...
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Sesame peeling machine or sesame processing plant can peel white sesame seed or black sesame seed. This plant technology needs alkaline water to soak the raw material and separate sesame skin and kern...
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Buckwheat mill or buckwheat rice and flour processing plant introduction: Buckwheat mill usually refers to the buckwheat flour plant. Common buckwheat rice and flour processing plant can produce buckw...
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Buckwheat shelling machine working process: Buckwheat shelling machine adopts Japanese technology. It has high hulling ratio with less broken rate; Clearance between emery roll can be adjusted, which ...
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