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Main process of OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE: Solvent extraction system, desolventizer-toaster system, evaporation system, cooling system and exhaust gas recovery system.Oil extraction machine can be used t...
Last comment: September 11, 2016
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The principle of OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE is to extract oil by soaking or spraying the oil seed cakes with organic solvent hexane. 3 kinds extractors for oil extraction machine designed by Zhengzhou Day...
Last comment: September 8, 2016
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How can feed conversion ratio (FCR) be improved for broilers? From my poultry feeding activities, I am yet to achieve 2.0 ....
Last comment: September 7, 2016
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Last comment: September 6, 2016
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Last comment: August 30, 2016
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Dear All Below is the Cattle feed formulation (standard) where my customer is getting complaints for decrease in milk fat content. The bulk of the roughages for ruminant feeding is derived from crop ...
Last comment: August 30, 2016
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Last comment: August 5, 2016
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Last comment: July 31, 2016
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Guys please evaluate a feed application that lets you view, compare, mix and share from its exhaustive library of 1400+ feed profiles. It can be downloaded from Playstore:
Last comment: July 29, 2016
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Last comment: July 29, 2016
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I want to prepare TMR for beef fattening purpose. What specifications of Crude Protein %, ME, EE, CF, ADF, NDF, should be present in TMR?...
Last comment: July 16, 2016
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Because the traditional SOYBEAN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE can not meet the market's demand, the equipments manufacturers must pay more attention to the research and innovation to improve the equipment fea...
Last comment: July 1, 2016
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Dear sir In my plant, Andritz pellet mill 60 tph , the die was not freely rotate by hand when the machine was stopped,(The main bearing changed 3 months back, main motor amps normal, out put also good...
Last comment: June 28, 2016
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I don't understand the term "The cost of feed per BWG is lower with SDPP than without it". How does SDPP lower cost of feed? Do we need to add some SDPP in commercial feed or not?...
Last comment: June 23, 2016
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Last comment: June 4, 2016
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Last comment: May 9, 2016
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Usually, these resources are burned wholesale, however the truth is that the warmth effectiveness in this way could not reach 20 %. While the heat efficiency in burning pellets could improve to 40 %, ...
Last comment: May 9, 2016
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The Features of Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1. Fish food made by this pellet extruder is of puffing type, more easily to digest for fishes. 2. The fish feed pellet size can be from 0.9-10mm to f...
Last comment: April 24, 2016
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Last comment: April 20, 2016
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Last comment: April 19, 2016
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