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SalahEldeen Alaghbash
Feasibility studies,project execution, management solutions. Service provider for the sector in term of management, equipment selection etc
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2021
I have been looking for a potential supplier for solar system to promote the product here in SUDAN where we have severe power shortage and high fuel cost, to operate stand by gensets
Participation in Forum on May 12, 2019
We have experienced high mortality in broiler flocks in houses where a fatal combination of high temperatures and humidity was prevailing. With some management efforts, introducing salcellic acid, vitamin C and lowering drinking water temperature helped to alleviate the problem.
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2018
All comment mentioned earlier are worth to be considered. However, you must check the water source for E. coli and microbial contamination. Disinfect the water system regularly and make sure the ventilation system is working efficiently You consider drug sensitivity test to help you select the right medicine for the bird treatment
Participation in Forum on April 9, 2017
This is great. Can you elaborate on what you did
Participation in Forum on November 12, 2016
It is also common practice to set small sized eggs separately from bigger eggs. However, if the number is not enough to fill a setter, still some people use to mark the setter trays with smaller eggs so later they shall be treated separately. Indeed, if you are selling DOC to customer, mostly they will not accept chicks less than 40gm of body weight
Participation in Forum on October 22, 2016
I do agree with Dr. Marcos, the use of antibiotics in the animal industry in general, rely on the ethics of the producers. If the label is not followed and the withdrawal period is not observed, residues can not be eliminated. The use of herbal products is meant to stimulate the immune system and improve the gut condition to reduce microbial load in the gut and improve FCR. Salah Eldin skype abus ...
Participation in Forum on September 11, 2016
I agree with you Prof. Both we remember cases started as early as beginning of 2 Ned week of age. Such cases were then traced back to the high level of CO2 in hatchery.
Participation in Forum on July 4, 2016
What about broilers raised to shorter period. We kill birds at age of 35 to 40 days as we sell whole bird. The basal ration consist of Sorghum and ground nut cakes
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2016
The use of antibiotics in the broiler industry in specific and poultry in general had been under study for quiet long time. The Swedish had banned all use of antibiotic in the industry specially meat birds during the 1990s. Due to some disease problems they re start using them. Controlled use to avoid resistance development and / or residues in the final products are most important issues. We a ...
Participation in Forum on October 31, 2015
Ascites was known as high altitude diease because it was first reported in mountainous area. It is much associated with lack or shortage of oxygen. I personally had experience with young chicks aging not more than 7 to 10 days with ascites. This was traced back to highlevel of CO2 in the hatchery. During winter time when diesel operated heaters were used to heat up the houses and somtimes all fans ...
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