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what's the ingredients inside?how about the cost inclusion in feed?
Article published the January 26, 2016
The regulatory framework in the feed industry is changing worldwide, particularly in Europe. In 2003, regulatory changes required that all feed additives must be evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and obtain authorization to remain on the market. Under the patronage of the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FEFANA), several consortia were created, ...
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Participation in Forum on August 17, 2015
Dear Philippe, Thank you for this question and your interest. This application is not the main positionning of the product. An increase of temperature from 21 to 35 °c is called a "model" in order to mimick highly challenging situation due to heat stress. This product XTRACT is a natural growth promoter which works first under normal climatic conditions. The product consistently (with P value : ...
Article published the July 21, 2015
Half of the birds reared worldwide are estimated to suffer from the consequences of heat stress during the summer period. The first visible sign is an increase in the water: feed ratio, however recent research has also shown that excessively hot conditions have an impact on the gut structure and its permeability. Reduced feed consumption and decreased intestinal integrity and function result in th ...
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News published on November 17, 2014
The Swiss feed additive manufacturer Pancosma recently revealed the last results of its partnership with the Poultry Disease & Animal Production departments of Cairo, Egypt, represented by Dr. Awaad, Dr. Elmenawey and Dr. Ahmed.  In a specific study, the effect of the products XTRACT Poultry 6930 was demonstrated and then published in Veterinary World Journal (EISSN: 2231-0916). This prod ...
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Dear Dr Ayyangar, Effectively,public and consumers' awareness is key for this switch from AGP to plant extracts/free production.I personally feel that this changes is already slowly on-going in most of the countries Worldwide. USA and the FDA are currently looking at evaluation of the safety of AGPs and starting to study some lists of susbtances to be prohibited. Canada is exactly in the same ca ...
News published on July 31, 2014
The Swiss feed additive manufacturer Pancosma was present at the Poultry Science Association congress held inTexas, Corpus Christie, from 14 to 18 of July 2014. The objective of this participation was the presentation of the latest company results in term of use of phytogenics in broilers feed. Several topics were discussed and among them 2 major issues achieved by the Swiss XTRACT brand: Increas ...
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Dear Dr. Muhammad I did not Skyped your question. To talk about % improvement is not clear and correct because it depends on the average milk production, environmental conditions, diet composition of your control groups. The potential increase of feed intake should be also considered. Then the real efficacy of an additive is evaluated thanks to the MILK to FEED ratio, this is the correct way to me ...
Participation in Forum on July 20, 2014
Dear Dr. Muhammad, Thank you for oyur interest. Pancosma always check the zootechnical performance of its products. We do not make only theory and we do publish ALL our works in full transparency. We are this week at the JAM ADSA meeting in US and we will release to the scientific community the outcomes of our research. In term of concrete results, we do observe: - increase in daily milk produ ...
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