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I want to use this forum to tell the world of poultry farmers that i conducted a research on this epidemic disease call AVIAN INFLUENZA)and came with a solution call(DIKKLOCYN VACCINE)which is going to help the world and our poultry industry. And i call on all the interested veterinary medicine company to come and join hand with me to save the world and our poultry industry.
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Am fully ready for any veterinary medicine company to invite me for the test of my formula call (DKKOLOCYN VACCINE) for the treat and prevent Avian influenza.
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I got the Avian influenza HBN2 prevention and cure formula with natural vaccine,i conducted a very crucial research in order to help the world solve this problem for poultry farmers and it woks perfectly because this year none of my chickens get infected or sick neither dead ,am not a scientist or vet doctor but i dedicated my time to achieve this development so on this i call all the global vet ...
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December 25, 2016
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