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The more divalent cations in the diet the less soluble phytate becomes. This is especially true when drinking water pH is high and when phytate concentration is also high. In diets with high concentrations of e.g. Ca (from limestone, drinking water Ca, inorganic P sources, vegetable sources, V&M premix etc), high phytate concentration and more alkaline drinking water then the need for superdosin ...
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Can you tell us please about normal level of crude fiber in broiler feed
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Fernando. Congratulations on your 30 years of work. Much more than products, Special Nutrients has a passion for teaching mycotoxins. Success for your company!
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what is best toxin binder for mycotoxins ? I mean bentonite or sacharomycis servicea
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Firstly, you must give us some information about your stock, breed,age,phsiological status and also some information about your materials in your area, I´m ready to help you at any time.Thanks
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hello i am asking about toxicity of sodium monensine in turkey and poultry?? thanks with warm regards,, ashraf
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