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Phytase addition and phosphorus levels - Diego Martínez

Published: March 12, 2018
Diego Martínez Patiño-Patroni (Ilender Corp.) discussed a recent research on the effect of the use of this enzyme on gut health, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Diego Martinez Patiño-Patroni
University of Arkansas (USA)
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27 de marzo de 2018
Nice presentation. What is the dose of phytase and P you took? Also sample size?
Diego Martinez Patiño-Patroni
University of Arkansas (USA)
25 de abril de 2018
Hello Pinky, thanks for your question. The dose and P levels used for the meta-analysis were those applied in each individual study; so, both were considered as moderator variables. Regarding that, our analysis showed that the size of the reduction in P content was responsible (P0.05) to demonstrate the influence of the dose of phytase on the size of the possitive effect it has on crypth depth when fed on top. Regarding sample size, we got 148 useful registries for the whole 9 meta-analysis, meaning the effect of 3 factors on 3 response variables. Regards
Youssef Attia
30 de abril de 2018
So many factors affecting the efficacy of phytase most improtant are the phytic content of the diet and phytate level, type of die. age of chickens and type of birds, from of the diet, type and dose of phytase the use of phytase in poultry nutrition in complex issue and one must be aware of so many factors to get the desire results
Badal Singh
1 de mayo de 2018

How to calculate actual doses and how much time of super dosing will not give any adverse effect on both layer and broiler?

phanindra nath saha
1 de mayo de 2018

Phytase, an enzyme works well if considered the use correctly. But the results depend on how you are calculating the matrix values. It varies on a lot of factors. So, be sure about the factors first, then go for use- normal or super.

Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov
Kronos -Agro private company
8 de mayo de 2018

Dear all, according to commercial trials in poultry, using SBM as a traditional protein source, optimal phytase activity for laying hens must be approx. 500 FTU/kg of feed. Dosage of phytase activity can be higher if the feed contains more appropriate substrate (phytates). If you replace SBM by SFM, phytate content becomes to be higher. The same story if you use more wheat bran or rice bran. But be careful, please avoid the use of phytase "over the top" without decrease of MCP! Follow recommendations of matrix values of phytase producer. The excess of phosphorus in diet is a very bad thing, it can decrease eggshell quality. Also is important: effect of phytase on phosphorus release is not linear.
Dear Mr.Singh, to advice precisely phytase dosage I need to know a) feed composition, b) phytase producer, c) matrix values d) mineral source (MCP, DCP or TCP).

16 de mayo de 2018
Does the amount of calcium source (MCP, mcdp etc) have any effect of the strength of the phytase?Keeping in mind that some, if not most phytases work optimally at low pH.
Aaron Cowieson
17 de mayo de 2018
The more divalent cations in the diet the less soluble phytate becomes. This is especially true when drinking water pH is high and when phytate concentration is also high. In diets with high concentrations of e.g. Ca (from limestone, drinking water Ca, inorganic P sources, vegetable sources, V&M premix etc), high phytate concentration and more alkaline drinking water then the need for superdosing phytase is much greater if P supply is to be maintained. Furthermore, the displaced inorganic P source (MCP, DCP etc) will also influence the composition of the diet after formulation with phytase (depends on the Ca matrix for the phytase relative to the P matrix and the ratio of Ca to P in the inorganic P source). This can also be influential and sometimes you will see limestone being drawn into formulation at higher concentrations after phytase is used (this should be avoided if possible).
Jodh singh
4 de octubre de 2018
Sir two type of phytase in market one is bacterial second is fungal ,
Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov
Kronos -Agro private company
4 de octubre de 2018

Dear Jodh Singh, one substrate (phytate) and if the same enzyme activity, and if the same thermostability = the same result. For instance, some phytases producent can be also yeast, too. No difference. If you want to select better enzyme, pls perform tests in your lab, and everything will be clear.

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