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tosin olonijolu Thank you I am interested any published with feeding broilers with low energy diet 2960 kcal ME if any my recent work indicate that low energy all carbohydrate diet works well as those supplemented with different oils levels up to 6% and having the same energy level under hot westher condition please help with any relative references
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Nice research work. I only knew of energy manipulation during hot climate condition for better results in broiler production. My own perception is to feed 18cp with required amino acids and a reduce metabolizable energy of like 2.9mcal/kg as against the 3.2mcal/kg at average daily temperature of 38°c. As atmospheric temp rise to 40, I sometimes supplement feed with bakers yeast and baking powd ...
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Great outcome of the nutrition reduction (Low Protein Diet) and getting the same performance.Reduction of protein is 3 point basis or app. 90 kgs of Soya. At 1 point reduction, there is the possibility of adding any GUT health product, with no cost addition, at its full strength, which will support the digestion and strong immunity.With 3 point reduction of protein, will reduce the nitrogen load a ...
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I am very happy that the paper opened this favorable discussion and stimulates further research.
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The 3rd limiting amino acids and temperature effects to the low-protein diet may be investigated further in a series of experiments if funds are available, theories can be validated in the field with a good experiment set up and clear hypothesis.
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RAMI SEBAI We may consider threonine supplementation in the future experiment, however, in some experiments run and published so far the effects of threonine are not clear cut.
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Juarez Donzele I have stated that several times and I understand that very well, and I thank you too, and I have several plans if have funds to test your hypothesis regarding amino acid supplementation and heat stress. Let us go to lab if funds are available
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Juarez Donzele I suggest several solutions you may not like and this your opinion. However, in several other experiments supplementation over meth and lysine did not improve performance depends on many factors as I previously stated.
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Youssef Attia There are a lot of points that need to be considered but I said further experiments may be essential.
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