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Broiler nutrition, laying nutrition, broiler breeders nutrition (female and male), duck nutrition, quail nutrition, diet balance and formulation,
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov Many of those so-called nutritionally nonessential amino acids (NEAAs) are potent regulators of gene expression and metabolism in animals. Glutamine is a great example. Some NEAAs are the major metabolic fuels for enterocytes of the small intestine in a species-specific manner to support the intestinal integrity and function. There should be not such a thing as vegetable m ...
Article published the November 29, 2022
1. IntroductionThe permeability of the intestinal tract controls the uptake of nutrients and the transport of unwanted extracellular substances such as bacteria and xenobiotics, in addition to the non-digested substances. Therefore, gut health plays an essential role in the pathogenesis of various intestinal disorders. The permeability of the intestine is controlled by gut microbiota, digestive se ...
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In fact, the dArg: DLys has a lot of debt since the work co-authored by JT Brake from NCU and my work published 2006 &2011 there is no clear effects showing the need for further works to identify the factors influencing the response to Arg:Lys ratio. Attia, Y. A., Barbara M. Böhmer, Dora A. Roth-Maier (2006). Responses of broiler chicks raised under constant relatively high ambient temperature to ...
Article published the August 23, 2021
INTRODUCTION Disease control, high production, product quality, and reasonable production costs have been the recent main goals of the poultry industry. Hence, meeting per capita consumption and welfare to humans necessitates continuous efficient and goal-oriented healthcare to control disease spread and decrease the application of antibiotics (1). These endeavors will include the launch of progra ...
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Sandro Cerrate Thank your for your interesting article, this is of added value to the early work done by Attia et al. (1994 and 1995) and Barmwell et al. and published In Poultry Science and here some examples 1. Attia, Y.A., W. H. Burke, Y. A. Yamani and L. S. Jensen, (1995). Energy allotments and performance of broiler breeders 1. Males. Poultry Sci. 74:247-260. https://www.researchg ...
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In some companies, fertility and hatchability start to decrease during the last weeks of production, for example after 50 weeks, at the same time there is a loss of feathers in the back or there is an overweight of the egg. How can we improve fertility and hatchability in the last phase of production of broiler breeders? To improve fertility and hatchability we must evaluate three important points ...
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tosin olonijolu Thank you I am interested any published with feeding broilers with low energy diet 2960 kcal ME if any my recent work indicate that low energy all carbohydrate diet works well as those supplemented with different oils levels up to 6% and having the same energy level under hot westher condition please help with any relative references
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Nice research work. I only knew of energy manipulation during hot climate condition for better results in broiler production. My own perception is to feed 18cp with required amino acids and a reduce metabolizable energy of like 2.9mcal/kg as against the 3.2mcal/kg at average daily temperature of 38°c. As atmospheric temp rise to 40, I sometimes supplement feed with bakers yeast and baking powd ...
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Great outcome of the nutrition reduction (Low Protein Diet) and getting the same performance.Reduction of protein is 3 point basis or app. 90 kgs of Soya. At 1 point reduction, there is the possibility of adding any GUT health product, with no cost addition, at its full strength, which will support the digestion and strong immunity.With 3 point reduction of protein, will reduce the nitrogen load a ...
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