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The protein in alfalfa silage is subject to extensive degradation to non protein nitrogen (NPN) in the silo. Furthermore, the NPN in alfalfa silage is rapidly degraded to ammonia in the rumen and, if not captured as microbial protein, will end up largely as urea-N excreted in the urine. Milk production and milk nitrogen (N) efficiency have improving potential through amino acid balancing. Milk-N p ...
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Wonderful Prof Magdy Al sayed
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Conclusion The present study conducted at Schothorst Feed Research resulted in an average bioavailability of MHA-FA and diluted DLM65 of 65% and 61%, respectively compared to MetAMINO® considering the overall growth and carcass parameters. These results demonstrate that the relative bioavailability of MHA-FA is significantly lower than its active content of 88% and consistent with the 2018 ...
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Martha Pulido-Landinez, Professor at Mississippi State University, talked about the appearance of Astrovirus and Reovirus in chickens, their impact on health and factors that can cause Salmonella and Campylobacter, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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Due to the vast expansion of poultry industry challenges also increases. One of them is the control of microbial population which is done by excessive use of therapeutics antibiotics and AGP’s. The indiscriminate use of these products results in the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Apart from resistance it also leads to public health concern. Due to this EU has banned the use of AGP&rsquo ...
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