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Dear Afrouziyeh,Feed ingredient price is hiking in such a way that formulation of poultry feed is difficult. Because sales price does not match production one. If any suggestion in practical standpoint based on Corn -Soy based feed.
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I do agree with the comments of Dr Jaffery. As your birds suffered a lot because of E. Coli, So, take hygienic/biosecurity measures to prevent E. Coli infection. Treatment is not the permanent solution. For the time being, you can choose an antibiotic after sensitivity test. Then apply.But, after harvesting, biosecurity- proper cleaning. disinfection and house rest are very essential.Bleaching pow ...
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Phytase, an enzyme works well if considered the use correctly. But the results depend on how you are calculating the matrix values. It varies on a lot of factors. So, be sure about the factors first, then go for use- normal or super.
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