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Advisory/consultative services to poultry breeders - GP, PS , Hatcheries, Emu farms, Meat Processing plants,Quail,ducks and Turkey Farms, Disease Diagnosis, feed formulations and training of their sta
General Manager -Technical
Participation in Forum on March 13, 2023
Friends learn to keep poultry as simple as possible, use common sense, stay close to nature, let birds perform using feeds, medicine and vaccines that were used during the 1980's, i can assure you, good profits will be there. Using latest technology, sanitizer, medicine, amino acids, vaccines n now bacteriophages, have certainly helped the manufacturing n distribution companies, not the farmers an ...
Participation in Forum on February 2, 2023
Bacteriophage technology is not new, nothing great about it, i know Dr L R Sood of BE (Hyderabad) and Dr Basu of Kasauli, used to work on effects of phage on Salmonella and Ecoli during the late 1970 and early 1980's, in the lab it gives results, results in the poultry industry are questionable.
Participation in Forum on January 28, 2023
People are thinking air filtration will keep bacteria n virus level low, and improve the health of the birds. Bacteria n virus enter through water, feed, insects, rodents, air, workers, visiting supervisor s, managers n veterinarians, chicks suppliers, vaccines used etc. Air filterstion is no solution for reducing the bacteria n virus population in the poultry house.
Participation in Forum on January 15, 2023
In my opinion, the problem is not with the producers n suppliers, problem is with the regulators, corrupt drug dept personal, govt agencies n research institutions, any product intended to be introduced in the market, needs to b analysed, studied, only if comparitve results obtained, be allowed to be introduced, as it affects the birds/ animal health n well being first n also enters the human food ...
Participation in Forum on December 10, 2022
Neem cake has been tried in both layers n broilers, with no benificial results, 3 to 4% may not show any deleterious effects if fed for few days, in agriculture the neem cake is used as fertilizer, it reduces the nematode n other insects population, helps plants grow better, as it contains certain bitters, as a nutrient, large quantity for longer periods will be harmful, researcher need to do mo ...
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Stephen Adejoro DrI I studied veterinary Anatomy 40years ago. If I remember correctly, the intestinal villai are the folds of mucouls membrane which enhances the surface area. I wonder if they have receptors like B cells and T cells have which attract antigens on the surface. I do not think Intestine villas have specific recpetors to which lactobacillus cells get attached and block the attachment ...
Participation in Forum on December 3, 2022
Every one is talking about viral and bacterial diseases, or what they are seeing or are being told to look for, in reality, more that 90% of the problem begins with mycotoxins in feed, leading to immunosuppression, metabolic disturbance, co-morbidities, poor performance n increased mortality. If you want to control the problem, please solve the mycotoxins related problem first, then the viral n ba ...
Participation in Forum on November 27, 2022
How much time is required for the vaccine strains to replace the field strains of coccidia in the birds, will the composition of feed (added enzyme and probiotics) have its effect on the replacement process.
Participation in Forum on October 13, 2022
For Indian Poultry Industry, it is more important to ensure the immune system in the birds is kept fit n fine, 365 days of the year, check mycotoxins n other immunosuppressors, then treat the flocks, wait for 4 to 6 weeks, test for salmonella, then think of the vaccine. Ignoring immune system working n fitness, not protecting from immunosuppressors, and using vaccine during infection will b suic ...
Participation in Forum on April 27, 2022
Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni Kotaiah Sir, the oocycts of coccidia do sporolate, when the conditions are right, but they don’t really form spores like the probiotic organism do, the formation of spore n the process of sporulation are two different events
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