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Advisory/consultative services to poultry breeders - GP, PS , Hatcheries, Emu farms, Meat Processing plants,Quail,ducks and Turkey Farms, Disease Diagnosis, feed formulations and training of their sta
General Manager -Technical
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Knowledgable people talk Lot of theory n Their experiance, they analyse every thing except one, that one item is the agenda behind the organisers intentions, to promote a new vaccine they send out articles, have seminars, scientists talk, these days use of technology webinar’s etc., no one is interested in developing good labs for proper n confirmatory diagnosis, they use their eyes from behind g ...
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Do you have scholarship for this program?
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Mostly the diagnosis is wrong, if right treatment for complications be done simultaneously, vaccine results are poor due to immune suppression, good ventilation, keep litter reasonably dry, check mycotoxins in feed and use more common sense than treatment-will give good results, thinking only to treat mycoplasma you will never succeed.
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How to treat phytase 5000 and phytase 10,000? which one is better ? why ?
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Introduction After the fermentation process of corn to produce ethanol, the remaining fat in the by-product distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is extracted by centrifugation. The resulting by-product is known as low-fat DDGS, which has slightly higher protein content, amongst other nutrients, compared with conventional DDGS (Kshun and Kurt, 2012). The fat extraction in low-oil DD ...
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From the questions asked - I can make out the guys are new to poultry and small operators. Romulo, John and Nyra, please study the basics of poultry nutrition before venturing into formulations. However for your information, many feed companies sell starter and finisher concentrates, you have to add corn, rice broken, rice bran, wheat or what ever grains available in your area, and make a feed for ...
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Dr Dorji you have a different type of a problem very few will understand, a combination of the very high altitude, less than required oxygen in the atmosphere, humidity and other related aspectes, dont expect same results as given in text books, magazines etc., your results will always be different in my opinion.
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Ascites is undoubtedly a metabolic disorder seen during winter months, a well planned heating, ventilation and adjusting nutritrition program can only solve the problem, medicines, chemicals and kidney function improvers will hardly help.
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Dear Mr Lubao Like u I have bred a variety of birds including game birds for several years, lot of information I can share with you, I was involved in Elisa screening of pureline birds, trained at Shavers Poultry Breeding Farms in Canada, u can contact me on my mail ID: Information about Breeding and their health, disease control and management I can help you, its all free you ...
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In the process of looking for new things Poultry is being ruined dr belwal, solve the problems of the farmers, they need solutions not philosophically
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