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Dr Ravindra Shrivastava
Poultry Professional - Feed Additive/Supplements, Biologicals
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In the first part of this interview, Dr. Koushik De, Director-Technical Services at Novus International South Central Asia, points out the relationship between Trypsin Inhibitor (TI), Soybean and bird performance.
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If one really wants to do a professional approach about prolapse - it needs to start already in rearing and overall management of the flocks. To pick up just one aspect, will never give a real success.
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Since October 2018, a new form of LPAI is present in Karnataka/Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Clinical signs of comb/wattles/shank are absent/congestion and bleaching of breast muscle is also not seen. But cloacal lesion typical of AI are present. On pm streaks of haemorrhages typical of AI are seen. Pancreas of such cases are positive for AI as per ha hi test. Weekly mortality is >0.2%. Screening of k ...
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Deterioration of egg shell (incuding shell color) is a part of ageing process. Only sustained good health can support longevity of shell color. However, one can try to improve shell colour by: 1. Using high quality calcium (with better bioavailability: try oyestershell). 2. Keep linoleic acid level in feed little bit higher than recommended for that breed at that age. 3. Frequently supplement v ...
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Dear All, I would like to add a few comments. If we look at ruminant nutrition, it is very common to analyse NFDN or NIDA, referring to protein associated with cell wall. I understand this explains why proteases yield better results when associated with NSP enzymes, and even phytase. I also understand that the association of proteases is always better than one single protease, as we will have end ...
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  Ajay Bhoyar, Global Technical Marketing Manager at Novus International, speaks to us about how Novus is using epigenetics in poultry nutrition, which was showcased at International Production and Processing Expo. Click here to learn more about poultry nutrition. To see more videos related to Novus innovations revealed at IPPE, click here
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February 23, 2011
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