Video published on February 10, 2023
Aidan Connolly, President of AgriTech Capital, talks about the launch of his book, The Future of Agriculture, a collection of essays reflecting the challenges and trends in the rapidly changing agriculture sector from a pragmatic and practical perspective.
Video published on February 26, 2020
In an interview with Engormix at IPPE 2020, Aidan Connolly, CEO of Cainthus, emphasizes how the animal nutrition industry embraces digital technology -for example, the Artificial Intelligence- in its daily routine and highlights the role of technology to improve the animal production.
Video published on November 29, 2016
Aidan Connolly, Chief Innovation Officer at Alltech, explained their initiative to support technology development, during Eurotier 2016 in Hannover, Germany.
Video published on August 24, 2012
Aidan Connolly, Vice President of Alltech, speaks about the Alltech Poultry Advantage Program which consists of natural, nutritional solutions tailored to address challenges impacting modern poultry production and profitability.
Video published on June 6, 2012
Aidan Connolly, Vice President of Corporate Accounts for Alltech, Inc., reviews the Alltech Annual International Symposium 2012.
Video published on March 30, 2010
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