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Dr. Von Richard Ebron is the World Area Director for Novus International Southeast Asia and Pacific, responsible for leading the strategic direction of Novus in many countries including Oceania, Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines. In this Interview, He discusses with Engormix the journey and the future of Novus International and the Animal Feed Additive Industry in Southeast Asia and Pacific ...
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Congratulations Rene. Solution to pollution is not dilution, but improved absorption! I'm sure these minerals contribute to a sustainable mode of production.
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René Bonekamp, Global Strategic Swine Technology Manager at Novus International, speaks about the importance of trace minerals for swine productivity and swine diets in terms of sustainability.
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in the second part of this interview, Dr. Koushik De, Director-Technical Services at Novus International South Central Asia, explains why we should care about Trypsin Inhibitor and how to deal with it in Soybean meal
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Katia mohand oussaid Hello. If you send me a message with your contact information, I can connect you with a Novus representative.
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brendon muko, Urease values of soybean meal should not be used as the best measure of optimum processing. measurement of the urease activity do not reflect the intensity of heat treatment of soybean meal beyond the threshold of urease. Chen (2019) conducted a study to determine the levels of TI and UA in 414 SBM samples from 19 different countries and to validate whether TI and UA are correl ...
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Let's Squawk About It is a monthly interview segment by the Poultry Science Association. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many aspects of life, but how about for a chicken? Roy Brister, of Tyson Foods, shares some insight on how feed formulation had to change due to a domino effect brought on by the pandemic.
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Dr. Brad Lawrence, Sr. Technical Manager - Pork Business Team North America at Novus International, provides insight into the importance of sow productivity and longevity, and what a year-long field evaluation of MINTREX® trace minerals in sows showed could impact this challenge.
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Two experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that different combinations of conditioning and expansion of soybean expellers increases nutritional value. Non-heat-treated soybean expellers (L-1) and soybean expellers conditioned for 60 s at 90ºC followed by expansion at 110ºC (L-2) were used. Two additional sources of soybean expellers (L-3 and L-4) were processed as L-2 ...
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