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Dear Tejada Thank you for your commentYes as we all know in the several reports pelleted diet had a good effect on performance parameters, but in broiler due to short life cycle (42-45 days), the positive energy balance in them may not be paid much attention, but because of the nutritional status of the bird influences lipid metabolism in liver, in another study we used plant extracts as feed addi ...
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Dear Joaquin Thank you so much, and I am very much happy and thankful to publish my article in Engomix
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Introduction With the expansion of the commercial broiler chicken industry, metabolic disorders have become emerging serious hazards in bird’s health and profitability (Savard et al., 2013). Fatty liver, among many other metabolic syndromes, has not received adequate attention in broiler research while it plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of many liver and kidney diseases and may ...
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Introduction: Enzymes in animal feed began to be used in the 80s. The pioneer countries were the Scandinavians, Great Britain, Canada and, particularly, Spain. The first food sector that reacted dramatically was poultry farming. The application of enzymes became total in the production of meat chickens in the 1990s. Poultry farming located in areas of cereal production with a high content of non ...
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  What are the vegetable proteins? • Soy Protein 65% • Fermented soybean meal 54% • Extruded and micronized soybean meal 48% • Extruded whole Soy meal soy 36% • Potato protein 80% • Algae meal 55%   Animal protein is a feed ingredient of high quality and easily digestible, which is used as a supplement to diets for young animals. However, over ...
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-According to the United Nations, by 2050 there will be a world population of 9700 million inhabitants. -The effects of climate change with prolonged drought will drastically affect grain production. -The depletion of non-renewable fossil energy reserves (oil, gas) will pressure the production of cereal ethanol. -There will be an unprecedented competition between humans and animals for food res ...
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