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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the October 24, 2023
INTRODUCTIONReducing the production cost of quality meat and eggs for the ever-growing world population is a prime target of the poultry industry. Conventional feed ingredients like corn and soybean meal are widely used in broiler feeding programs, which increase the competition among food and feed and lead to raise production costs (Donohue and Cunningham, 2009; Stefanello et al., 2016). Several ...
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Article published the October 24, 2023
INTRODUCTIONIn the modern poultry production system, the first reported chick embryos injection of thiourea was done by Grossowicz in 1946 to observe the effect in hatchling and post-hatch life (1), followed by thyroxin by Balaban and Hill (2). Later, in ovo technique (IOT) was first opted for vaccination against Marek’s disease by Sharma and Burmester (3). Subsequently, the success of in ov ...
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Article published the July 7, 2023
IntroductionThe application of exogenous enzymes in fibrous diets has been found to increase nutrient utilization and subsequently improve the growth performance of broilers [1, 2]. However, the response of different enzymes is not consistent, and it could vary based on the types of ingredients present in the diet. Among the exogenous enzymes, xylanase is commonly used to improve nonstarch polysac ...
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Article published the July 7, 2023
IntroductionPoultry productivity depends on the combined effects of several factors such as the level of nutrients in feed, proper management practices, and the health status of the birds. To keep the enteric infections under control and promote growth, the supplementation of antibiotics in the poultry feed has been a regular practice. However, the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) is restr ...
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Article published the July 28, 2021
ABSTRACTPoultry diets are formulated primarily using cereals and protein meals (corn, wheat and soybean meal) as the main ingredients. There is noted shift in using coproducts from cereals and oilseeds in poultry diets due to availability and relatively lower cost. However, there is wide variation in the nutritional values of both conventional feedstuffs and coproducts, which creates a necessity o ...
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Article published the February 5, 2021
IntroductionMarket availability and fluctuation in the cost of conventional feed ingredients are pushing producers to increase inclusion of low-cost, fibre-rich co-products in the diets of monogastric animals. One major issue of this approach is that digestibility of high-fibre ingredients varies widely, with α-linked starch being digestible through hydrolytic–enzymatic action, but &be ...
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Article published the December 20, 2020
1. IntroductionDiet induces a change in the microbial ecology and fermentation end products in the gut, which in turn, influences the nutritional, physiological, and immunological functions of pigs (Brestoff and Artis, 2013; Jha et al., 2019). Cereal grains and different agro-industrial coproducts represent major portions of the pig diet which contains a considerable amount of fermentable carbohyd ...
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