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Dear Fong Good piece of information and analysis on the world vitamin supply although most of the European companies are buying from China, but for Chinese's product quality issues are still theirs. Sometimes it is hard to justify the cost with quality and buyer always go with the European brands of product. I think and suggest that Chinese companies need to make an association and come out to the ...
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Dear Pitso Moeketsi,The major cause of Water Belly (Ascites) is lack of oxygen in the poultry house, resulting damage of heart & liver of birds. Following measures can be helpful to reduce the losses:-- Restricting feed intake- Feeding Mash feed of low protein- Stop using water with high level of Sodium.- Prevent chilling or overheating by increasing or decreasing the temperature respectively. ...
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Dear Sir,What is the treatment for mycoplasma in breeders.And please suggest me schedule of totally mycoplasma free birds if passable.
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Murray R. Bakst its good information sir please send .pdf if possible . My mail id is
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Guillermo Tellez (University of Arkansas) spoke on the advances of the industry on gut health, especially when using probiotics, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Harish Murty: in principle, the same. Depending on your feeding program. There is advantage of a high dose (e.g. 1 Kg of Adimix Precision per ton of Feed) in young broilers/pullets from day 1 to day 10 in broilers, or day 1 to week 4 or 5 in replacement pullets. This is to support and stimulate the villi development since Butyrate level is low or none at all in young birds.
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Sir, can you suggest us best coatings and doses of butyric acid?
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Really it is wonderful info, but I would like to know which type of probiotic is best for poultry?
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