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Article published the February 26, 2019:

How Much Supplemental Vitamins do Cows Really Need?

Introduction Historically, most nutritionists have given little consideration to the cost of vitamins A, D, and E. Cows needed them and even at high supplementation rates, cost per cow per day was reasonable. ...
Author/s :
William P Weiss
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Article published the February 14, 2019:

Foetal Wastage in Cattle, Camel, Sheep and Goats in Birnin Kebbi Modern Abattoir, Nigeria

INTRODUCTION Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation with over 140 million people (13), however, with relatively low number of food animals to the teaming population (5). Demographic figures in...
Author/s :
Dr. Garba Ahmed
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Article published the February 7, 2019:

Cooling cows in robotic dairy farms. The case of Bandioli farm, Italy

Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows have been developed over the last four decades in Israel and around the world, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world. Cooling...
Author/s :
Israel Flamenbaum
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Article published the January 30, 2019:

Design and Development of Nutrient Requirement Calculator for Dairy Cattle Feed Formulation

INTRODUCTION Feed (ration) formulation is a technique by which different feed ingredients are combined to provide required nutrient to animals for a period of time, usually 24 hours,&n...
Author/s :
Dr Ravinder Singh KuntalRajendran Duraisamy
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Article published the January 21, 2019:

Evaluation of the safety of an algal biomass as an ingredient for finishing cattle

ABSTRACT Coproducts of n-3 fatty acid production from algae are a potential feed resource for cattle. A study was conducted evaluating feeding algal biomass to cattle. Crossbred cattle (20 steers and 20 heifer...
Author/s :
Christian Rabe
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Article published the January 8, 2019:

Growth of Pichia guilliermondii strain Levica 27 in different energy sources and nitrogen

The addition of yeasts to the diet of ruminant animals exerts favorable effects on the microbial population and on the fermentative indicators of the rumen and as consequence; it improves health and animals pro...
Author/s :
Yoandra Marrero Rodríguez
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Article published the January 2, 2019:

The experience of intensive cooling the cows in Turkey the case of Ozlem dairy farm

Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows have been developed over the last four decades in Israel, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world. Cooling cows in the farm is ...
Author/s :
Fatih YildirimIsrael Flamenbaum
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Article published the December 27, 2018:

Biomarker: diagnosis and clinical utility

Biomarker is a biological molecule found in body fluid and other tissues. Biomarkers are beneficial for accessing the health condition of human and animals. Identification and estimation of biomarkers become pr...
Author/s :
Neeti Lakhani
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Article published the December 7, 2018:

Improving Kochiaindica plants utilization for feeding small ruminants under saline conditions of Sinai, Egypt

Author/s :
Hassan Goda Helal
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Article published the December 6, 2018:

Omega Fatty Acids: Reproduction and Immunity in Dairy Cows. Answers to Field Nutritionists’ Questions

1. Fatty acids formulation: changes in nutritionists approach, questions to be answered The aspects abovementioned are quite well-known by nutritionist, and do not constitute major concerns for them. On th...
Author/s :
Alfredo J. Escribano
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