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Sainte Louise des Aulnaies, Quebec, Canada

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Since 1990, for 25 years, we have used homeopatic formulas to solve mastitis in dairy cows. With the intensive use of antibiotics in agriculture, the symptoms have evolved and we have had to modify our protocols accordingly to keep the high efficiency that our customers expect. Our protocols are adapted to the signs as noted. If, for instance, the milk turns yellow, then to water, and the animal is quickly depressed, the temperature goes down, this Ecoli caused toxic mastitis is easily and promptly cured is a few hours. Inflammation followed by "rice" flakes is more common and requires applications at milkings for a few days. "Spaghetti" like lumps will be attributed to fungi and be treated accordingly. We have found that the quarter more often touched by mastitis was the effect of un unbalance in the food, like an excess of protein charged the liver and symptoms appeared in the posterior right quarter, excess sugar, energy, the spleen and pancreas, with the left hind quarter, the quality of the drinking water affected the kidneys and the right front quarter. But in the end, we found that balancing the diet and avoiding chronic acidosis with sufficient cellulosis, and a regular prevention program with regular drainage of filters, remineralisation, de-parasiting ans stimulation of the immune system made mastitis dissappear almost completly.

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