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Farm-o-San REVIVA

Farm-o-San REVIVA
Farm-o-San REVIVA
Farm-o-San REVIVA
Farm-o-San REVIVA
Product location

Mumbai, Haryana, India

Product Description

Directly before and during calving, cows do not eat and drink, but they do loose
water and electrolytes, and their blood calcium level goes down. This may turn
the animal listless, resulting in a reduction of dry matter intake. At the start of
lactation most cows are in negative energy balance. They try to compensate
for this by mobilizing their body fat. This results in a change in the metabolism,
which may result in ketosis later in lactation. It is therefore important for
the animal to increase its dry matter intake as soon as possible.

Farm-O-San Reviva is an easily digestible, highly palatable energy drink for
cows, containing dextrose as energy source. It quickly rehydrates and replenishes
mineral loss in the cow and helps to keep blood calcium at normal level.
Farm-O-San Reviva also contains added vitamins.

Farm-O-San Reviva should be given immediately after calving. It helps the cow to
restore the balance after calving. Farm-O-San Reviva increases the cow’s activity
and forage intake.

General information

Type of product: Complementary feed for dairy cows

Packaging: Pouch containing 1 kg or bucket containing 7 or 15 kg.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place in sealed packaging

Administration and directions for use

Read the instructions on the product label for directions on product usage.
Mix 1 kg of Farm-O-San Reviva powder with 10 liters of hot water (40-45°C). The
solution will turn orange. Once dissolved, add 10 liters of cold water to achieve
a drinking temperature around 25-30°C. This lukewarm solution of Farm-O-San
Reviva has to be given to the cow once, immediately after calving and before it
is given free access to water.

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