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Karel Schat
Cornell University
Karel Schat (United States)
Technical publication

Lack of Evidence that Avian Oncogenic Viruses are Infectious for Humans

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Chickens may be infected with three different oncogenic viruses: avian leukosis virus (ALV), reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV), and Marek’s disease herpesvirus (MDV). Several epidemiological studies have suggested a link between these...

Symposium: 'Nutrient requirements and animal health', June 11, 2015 in The Netherlands

A large variation in the production performance of pigs and poultry between farms is observed in practice. This is related to variation in environmental and management factors and to variation in health status of animals. In a low or sub-optimal ...
Mauricio Coppo
University of Melbourne
Mauricio Coppo (Australia)
Technical publication

ILT: Growth Kinetics and Transmission Potential of Field Strains

Views: 188
Infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) causes acute respiratory disease in chickens, resulting in significant economic losses worldwide. Outbreaks of infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) are controlled using attenuated live vaccines...
Danisco Animal Nutrition (part of DuPont)
Publication of news

VIV Russia 2015: Danisco Animal Nutrition and partners discuss the latest phytase research and the role of enzymes in gut health

Views: 69
Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business subsidiary of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, will celebrate the launch of their advanced, highly bio-efficacious phytase, Axtra® PHY, into the Russian market by hosting a seminar...
Vasiloiu Elena-Madalina
Participation in forums

Forum: Gizzard Erosions. Join the discussion!

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Forum: Gizzard Erosions. Join the discussion!
These lesions appear in broilers beginning with 20 days of age. It is random and exclusive to 30% of the farm not 100%. Initially I thought the black content (found in the gizzard and in the crop, until the duodena, but not in the cecum) was...
Maja Marien
Maja Marien (Belgium)
Technical publication

Campylobacter control in poultry

Views: 382
Campylobacter control in poultry
Campylobacter is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the US and in Europe. Epidemiological studies indicate that poultry and poultry products are significant sources of human infection. In this context, Campylobacter colonization...
Dr. Peter Selle
The University of Sydney, Australia
Dr. Peter Selle (Australia)
Technical publication

On Free Amino Acids: Their Role in Starch and Protein Digestive Dynamics

Views: 320
That a mounting array of synthetic amino acids will be incorporated into broiler diets to increasing extents would appear to be an entirely reasonable prediction. The caveat is that predictions are fraught with difficulty; particularly when...
Fernando Tamames
Special Nutrients Inc.
Fernando Tamames (United States)
Video publishing

Video: Special Nutrients presents trial results for poultry and aquaculture

Views: 301
Video: Special Nutrients presents trial results for poultry and aquaculture
Fernando Tamames introduces the company´s brand new logo and speaks about the trials done on mycotoxins in layers using Mycoad and Mycoad AZ. Also, he discusses the results of the trial done on Aquaculture, especially in Tilapia...
Milan Hruby
Danisco Animal Nutrition (part of DuPont)
Milan Hruby (United States)
Video publishing

Video: Axtra PHY efficently towards profitability of animal production

Views: 778
Video: Axtra PHY efficently towards profitability of animal production
MIlan Hruby, Sr Technical Service Manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition, part of DuPont, presents the results of Axtra PHY phytase enzyme solution to improve profitability of animal production...
Janet Fulton
Janet Fulton (United States)
Technical publication

Genetic Diversity within the Mx Gene of Commercial Layer-Type Chickens

Views: 230
The Mx protein is one of the best-characterized interferon-stimulated antiviral mediators. Mx homologs have been identified in most vertebrates examined; however, their location within the cell, their level of activity, and the viruses they ...
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