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Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 263
Far too often when comparing tunnel fans one of the first things people look at is the size of the motor. The thought being, the smaller the motor size, the less the fan will cost to operate. Though in general this is true, the fact is...
Ahmed Din Anjum
Ahmed Din Anjum (Pakistan)
Participation in forums
Case Study: Tentative diagnosis of Newcastle or Gumboro
Dr. Ahmed Din Anjum from Pakistan has shared his photo album about 11 day old broiler chicks with high mortality and a tentative diagnosis of a complex of feed toxicity, Newcastle disease and Gumboro. Join the discussion...
Murtala Umar Faruk
Video publishing
Views: 196
Video: NIRS to predict P, phytate P and crude protein content. Dr. M. Umar Faruk (DSM)
Murtala Umar Faruk, Scientist Poultry Nutrition at DSM, speaks about his study on the use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict the total P, phytate P and crude protein content of common poultry feed ingredients...
Jan Van Harn
Wageningen University
Jan Van Harn (Netherlands)
Technical publication
Views: 267
In an experimental set-up the results of broilers housed on wet litter and having a high prevalence of FPD (W, N=4 groups of 900 birds) were compared with results of the control (C; N=4 groups of 900 birds) groups kept on litter of good quality...
The International Congress of Meat Science and Technology" (ICoMST)  will be held between the 17th to the 23nd August 2014, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The main motto of the Congress is the "Nature & Innovation with due ...
Yasser Jameel
Technical publication
Views: 121
This study was designed to identify the effects of ration supplementation with fish oil on certain hematological values of broilers. A total of 150 unsexed chicks (Ross 308) at age one day old were randomly assigned to 3 equally treated groups...
Prof. Dr. hafez Mohamed hafez
Free University of  Berlin
Technical publication
Views: 422
Infectious diseases of poultry are mostly associated with severe economic losses. Many of these diseases once re-emerging or introduced into a geographic area can explode into an epidemic and may have a significant negative effect on international ...
Peter Ferket
North Carolina State University
Peter Ferket (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 411
Based on Darwin’s theory of adaptive evolution and Mendel’s fundamental laws of heritability, breeding and genetic selection for increased growth rate and meat yield has dramatically advanced the production efficiency of poultry during ...
Emma Wall
Pancosma SA
Emma Wall (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 901
Role of the gut physiology in animal feeding
Scientists are now considering the gut literally as an intelligent sensory organ, with the ability to “sense” its environment and react to it. What does this mean, and why should animal nutritionists be interested? Surprisingly, the connection...
Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 435
Poultry House Leakage Area Calculator 2014
In order to control the environment within a poultry house it is essential that a producer not only controls how much air is entering the house, but where it is entering. For instance, during cold weather essentially no air should enter a house...
09/16/2014 - France
08/17/2014 - Uruguay
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