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Winfridus Bakker
Winfridus Bakker (United States)
Participation in forums
If the relative humidity is very high you will need to see how you can make the chick holding room more environmental controlled. I do not know how much money you have available to do this, but I would suggests that you ventilate enough...
David Harrington
Video publishing
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Video: Probiotics for broilers. David Harrington (Chr. Hansen)
David Harrington from Chr. Hansen speaks about his two presentations at the PSA Annual Meeting about the inclusion of the product GalliPro in broiler diets to enhance performance...
Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Publication of news
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Natural Remedies, a research-driven herbal pharmaceutical company headquartered at Bangalore, has decided to strengthen its global market presence joining Engormix as a new platform to connect with its existing and potential clients from around...
Shlomo Yahav
Shlomo Yahav (Israel)
Video publishing
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Video: Poultry Production: Challenges during the 21st Century
Shlomo Jahav, Professor and Head of the Department of Poultry and Aquaculture Science, Institute of Animal Science, ARO The Volcani Center, speaks about the great challenges the poultry production faces like how to increase production performance...
Publication of news
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Just One Month Left to Submit your Papers for APSS 2015!
The Australian Poultry Science Symposium is the premier avian science conference in Australia and attracts delegates from Asia, Australasia, the Americas and Europe. Over 50 peer reviewed papers will be presented across the 3 day event...
Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
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Figure 1 shows the outside temperature and relative humidity during the last three weeks on a farm growing a 56-day-old broiler during the month of August in 2013.  Though the weather was relatively mild, outside temperatures still reached...
Poultry Science Association
Publication of news
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Video: Todd Applegate new President of the Poultry Science Association
Todd J. Applegate was elected President of the Poultry Science Association at the recent PSA Annual Meeting, held in Corpus Christi, Texas on July 14-17, 2014.  Applegate is a professor in the Department of Animal Science at Purdue...
Karel Schat
Cornell University
Karel Schat (United States)
Technical publication
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Subclinical immunosuppression caused by chicken infectious anemia virus (CIAV) is an important contributing factor to Marek’s disease (MD) vaccine breaks. Infection with CIAV results in reduced T helper and cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity affecting..
Marian Dawkins
University of Oxford
Marian Dawkins (United Kingdom)
Technical publication
Views: 187
A concern over how to feed the rising human population while at the same time minimizing the effect on the environment has led to calls for agriculture to become more ‘sustainably intensive’ and more efficient...
Sandy Aehle
Sandy Aehle (United States)
Technical publication
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Hatchlings are highly susceptible to Salmonella with infection by a few organisms resulting in rapid colonization of the intestinal tract (7). Infection of young birds results in heavier shedding of salmonellae and a longer duration...
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