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Eric Gingerich
Diamond V
Eric Gingerich (United States)
Technical publication

HPAI outbreaks: Slowing now, but new wave ahead

Views: 474
HPAI outbreaks: Slowing now, but new wave ahead
Outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI serotype H5N2) appear to be slowing. Higher seasonal temperatures are helping, along with growth of vegetation – corn and soybeans growing in fields around poultry ...
Nadir Alloui
University of Batna
Nadir Alloui (Algeria)
Technical publication

Prebiotic-anticoccidial combination in the control of coccidia infections in broiler chickens

Views: 517
The present work was conducted to evaluate the effect of prophylactic treatments using an ionophoreanticoccidial (lasalocid sodium, 100 ppm) and a prebiotic (beta-glucans and oligosaccharides, 0.5 ppm)...
Mauricio Coppo
University of Melbourne
Mauricio Coppo (Australia)
Video publishing

Video: New Developments in ILT Research

Views: 326
Video: New Developments in ILT Research
Dr. Mauricio Coppo from the University of Melbourne summarizes his talk about the behavior of the ILT virus and generation of new challenges in the poultry industry...
Darrin Karcher
Michigan State University
Darrin Karcher (United States)
Video publishing

Video: Housing Systems for Laying Hens

Views: 879
Video: Housing Systems for Laying Hens
Dr. Darrin Karcher, Extension Specialist at Michigan State University, speaks about different housing systems for laying hens, about the disadvantages of the free range system and about the future of the egg production industry...
Dr.Prasad P Kulkarni
Technical publication

Disease Prevention Using Elisa Technique

Views: 497
Disease Prevention Using Elisa Technique
Even vulnerability of market conditions cannot stop the growth of Indian Poultry Industry today. Continuous improvement in genetic potential targeted towards getting better performance from the bird has made this unbelievable success realistic...
Chetna Chadha
Chetna Chadha (New Zealand)
Technical publication

Microalgae in Layer Diets Create Functional, DHA Enriched Eggs

Views: 776
Functional foods have become a hot topic in the food industry due to the push for healthier food products on supermarket shelves. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a functional food is defined as “A food that provides ...
Maricarmen García
University of Georgia
Maricarmen García (United States)
Video publishing

Video: Avian Infectious Laringotracheitis

Views: 1282
Video: Avian Infectious Laringotracheitis
Maricarmen García BS, MS, PhD, Professor and Researcher at the University of Georgia, speaks about the measures to control ILT disease, about the situation in the US and about the development of new vaccines...
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahato
Participation in forums

New Thread: Fragile Liver. Join the discussion!

Views: 1572  |  Comments : 32
New Thread: Fragile Liver. Join the discussion!
This is a case of a 6000 layers flock, 36 weeks of age. 1.5 months ago the flock was suspected and tested for salmonellosis which came out to be positive. The flock was treated with gentamicin and bcomplex injection for 3 consecutive days. The ...
Diamond V
Publication of news

Diamond V Co-Sponsors Symposium: 'Nutrient requirements and animal health' in The Netherlands

Views: 274
The symposium on the ‘interface’ of nutrition and health of pigs and poultry entitled ‘Nutrient requirements and animal health’ starts today in Wageningen, The Netherlands...
Karel Schat
Cornell University
Karel Schat (United States)
Technical publication

Lack of Evidence that Avian Oncogenic Viruses are Infectious for Humans

Views: 461
Chickens may be infected with three different oncogenic viruses: avian leukosis virus (ALV), reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV), and Marek’s disease herpesvirus (MDV). Several epidemiological studies have suggested a link between these...
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