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David Harrington
David Harrington (United States)
Video publishing
Views: 207
Video: Probiotics for broilers. David Harrington (Chr. Hansen)
David Harrington from Chr. Hansen speaks about his two presentations at the PSA Annual Meeting about the inclusion of the product GalliPro in broiler diets to enhance performance...
2015 University of Georgia International Poultry Short Course
Physiological Management in Poultry Production: The purpose of this short course is to provide poultry professionals with an intensive educational experience containing relevant, up to date information critical to efficient modern broiler...
Mike Bedford
AB Vista Feed Ingredients
Mike Bedford (United Kingdom)
Technical publication
Views: 378
Betaine (tri-methyl glycine) is a methyl donor which supplies the methyl groups for methionine production. It therefore may be able to support higher levels of growth in diets based on vegetable protein sources, which tend to be deficient in...
Andrew M. Janczak
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Video publishing
Views: 454
Video: Rearing Laying Hens
Andrew M. Janczak, Associate Professor, Laboratory Head of the Norwegian University of Life Science speaks about the rearing effects on laying hen productivity and welfare...
AB Vista Feed Ingredients
Publication of news
Views: 140
Mechanisms by which phytase superdosing delivers peformance gains
The potential performance benefits from phytate degradation beyond simple phosphorus (P) release and the mechanisms by which this is achieved will be the key themes in a paper to be presented at the 10th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference (APPC)...
Murtala Umar Faruk
Video publishing
Views: 377
Video: Effect of Phytase supplementation on phytate and phosphorus digestability
Murtala Umar Faruk, Poultry Nutritionist at DSM, speaks about the effect of phytase supplementation on Ileal Digestability of phytate phosphorus of feedstuffs for broiler chickens...
Sayed Abd El-Whab
Technical publication
Views: 248
The genome of avian influenza virus (AIV) is composed of 8 separate RNA gene segments; each segment encodes 1 to 3 proteins. These proteins can be allocated to three categories: surface proteins (hemagglutinin HA; neuraminidase NA; and matrix...
Winfridus Bakker
Winfridus Bakker (United States)
Participation in forums
If the relative humidity is very high you will need to see how you can make the chick holding room more environmental controlled. I do not know how much money you have available to do this, but I would suggests that you ventilate enough...
Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 455
Figure 1 shows the outside temperature and relative humidity during the last three weeks on a farm growing a 56-day-old broiler during the month of August in 2013.  Though the weather was relatively mild, outside temperatures still reached...
Karel Schat
Cornell University
Karel Schat (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 569
Subclinical immunosuppression caused by chicken infectious anemia virus (CIAV) is an important contributing factor to Marek’s disease (MD) vaccine breaks. Infection with CIAV results in reduced T helper and cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity affecting..
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