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Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 223
Far too often when comparing tunnel fans one of the first things people look at is the size of the motor. The thought being, the smaller the motor size, the less the fan will cost to operate. Though in general this is true, the fact is...
Deepak Khosla
Video publishing
Views: 185
Video: Newcastle Disease Vaccine for broilers. Deepak Khosla (Venky´s)
Deepak Khosla, General Manager of Venky´s India, speaks about immunity of birds and about new solutions, line of products and a vaccination program for the broiler industry....
Engormix (France)
Video publishing
Views: 116
Video: Invitation to SPACE 2014: Amandine Leroux
Amandine Leroux invites the animal production community to SPACE 2014, which this year will be at Rennes-France, from September 16th to 19th....
Arnold Elson
Arnold Elson (United Kingdom)
Technical publication
Views: 195
Poultry welfare is known to be influenced by housing system and management (Elson, 2010) but some aspects of it can be positive and others negative even within the same system. For example, as shown by Elson (2008), extensive free-range pasture...
Prashant K. Mishra
Technical publication
Views: 552
The use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in animal production began half a century ago, when Stokstad and Jukes added residues of chlortetracycline production to chicken feed. They were added with the objective to serve as...
Publication of news
Views: 327
Addcon participated in the European Poultry Conference 2014, Norway
During the recently held European Poultry Conference (EPC) 2014 in Stavanger, Norway, Dr. Christian Lückstädt from Addcon presented a paper on the effect of dietary sodium diformate (NaDF) on growth performance and nutrient utilization...
2014 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting kicks off today!
The Poultry Science Association’s Annual Meeting will take place at Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, Corpus Christi in Texas from July 14–17, 2014. Over 850 scientists, extension specialists, educators, producers, students, and administrators are...
Peter Ferket
North Carolina State University
Peter Ferket (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 396
Based on Darwin’s theory of adaptive evolution and Mendel’s fundamental laws of heritability, breeding and genetic selection for increased growth rate and meat yield has dramatically advanced the production efficiency of poultry during ...
Emma Wall
Pancosma SA
Emma Wall (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 877
Role of the gut physiology in animal feeding
Scientists are now considering the gut literally as an intelligent sensory organ, with the ability to “sense” its environment and react to it. What does this mean, and why should animal nutritionists be interested? Surprisingly, the connection...
Dr. Mike Czarick
University of Georgia
Dr. Mike Czarick (United States)
Technical publication
Views: 424
Poultry House Leakage Area Calculator 2014
In order to control the environment within a poultry house it is essential that a producer not only controls how much air is entering the house, but where it is entering. For instance, during cold weather essentially no air should enter a house...
09/16/2014 - France
08/17/2014 - Uruguay
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