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Healthy poultry through adequate management and balanced nutrition

Published on: 11/15/2016
Source : Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care

Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care Symposium in Brazil focuses on health issues in relation to management practices and proper feed formulation regimes. With the growing popularity of poultry meat around the world, poultry production is steadily on the increase. As a result, the food safety issue is receiving increased interest, as poultry health is closely related to human health. Treat...

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December 4, 2016
Can we add crayfish to layer's feed in order to improve the quality of protein in the feed? Thank you
Martin Smith Martin Smith
Animal Nutritionist
Evonik Animal Nutrition Evonik Animal Nutrition
Rellinghauser, Hessen, Germany
June 28, 2021
Dear Ebuka Epunam
Not sure why you specifically want to add crayfish! Generally an optimal balance of digestible amino acids can be obtained without use of animal proteins; if you send me contact details we can assist in this area. MPS
Hiren Pancholi Hiren Pancholi
Graduation in commerce
December 14, 2016
Bio Security, Water Sanitation, specially bio-film in pipe lines, is very important.
Right selection of animal source of protein to avoid disease transfer to the bird.

Right selection of Plant source specially toxins free and claimed value for protein must be checked, otherwise nutrition will become imbalanced.

Good Acidifiers to take care of pathogens in the crop and small intestine and higher PKa value classifiers like Sodium Butyrate, particularly special fat coated or Esterified will take care of pathogens in the hind GUT will ensure consistent good production.

Butyrate along with other acidifiers ensures good GUT health by improving Villi surface area, crypt depth and height, strengthening tight junction.

Combined effect of all above and quality feed supplements will ensure goof production and ultimately good profitability
Lawal Sesan Lawal Sesan
B.SC, M.Sc and Ph.D IN VIEW
December 25, 2016
With feed a lot could be done, disease can be control and production can be inproved
June 23, 2021
A good management, balanced nutrition and designing feed for broilers, optimal intestinal conditions should be regarded as the highest priority in poultry.
It gives full protection through production of immunity and disease resistance.
Strain wise requirement of nutrition is essential for proper growth and production
September 23, 2021

DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda So nice to see you after about 3 decades. Sir I was your student from poultry science Dept. did Poultry Pathology course along with Dr Kandappa Setty. Your comment above is highly appreciated.

Hiren Pancholi Hiren Pancholi
Graduation in commerce
September 25, 2021
DR. Gowda is absolutely right in giving the jist to a profitable poultry business. Intestinal health along with good management practice should be the priority.

For good intestinal health, the selection of feed supplements in combination with liquid supplements should be very carefully selected.
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