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Yes. Adequate management and balanced nutrition should be key for you to achieve healthy poultry.However, in this part of the world, going by the present and continuous increase in feed and feed materials, it is becoming near impossible to achieve this nutritional balance.Is there a way to achieve this nutritional balance using local, available and affordable herbs apart from using liquid suppleme ...
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l think the stocking density has to vary with regard to the body weight, age and weather changes. Cheers.
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Thank you, Sir, for this useful information. I visited a layer farm that has fish farm all round the farm house and the layers perform better. Here in Nigeria it is supposed to be a common practice especially during the heat period when farmers normally lose heavily.Thanks.
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David S. O. K. Quartey Thanks a lot for that wonderful contributions. It is well taken.
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Ayinla Semiu thanks my dear. but some farmers do not have space even to separate their egg sales point, can they not use disinfectant to achieve some level of sanity in their farms? thanks.
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David Otaigbe thank you so much for your advise. it is well taken.
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