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Fowl Cholera in Chickens

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While there's a little known fact and from my experience as a poultry farmer, I have come to the conclusion that most of the mortality I have experienced on farm in the past few weeks have been from Fowl Cholera. Some of the signs noticed include paleness of the comb, morbidity, greenish yellow diarrhoea with pasty vents and above all sudden death. The moment I first noticed, the chicks were placed on NCO after which mortality reduced and gradually stopped, but days after mortality starts to reoccur again and when I continue medicating, it stopped and now it seems like its recurring and taking my chickens one by one. Could anybody please enlighten me about what to do?

Omotunde Lateef Olawale
Poultry/catfish farmer
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Ruhul Amin Mondol Ruhul Amin Mondol
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
November 13, 2012

Good cuestion about Fowl Cholera on poultry farmers. Improve Biosecurity. rat, mice, cat, files ,wild birds etc are the carrier of FC so try to control first

Nadim Amarin Nadim Amarin
Technical and Marketing manager - META Area - United Animal Health
November 13, 2012

You need to be sure it is FC as there is pasturella and pasturella like bacteria that can cause same problem (like Gallibacterium anatis).

There is vaccine for the FC and for the Gallibacterium anatis.

What I want to inform you is the Differential diagnosis is really important blood smear can help you so much.

Best Regards
Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
dr of veterinary medecine
November 13, 2012

Hii sir
Fowl Cholera is appears in wet weather(in late summer and in winter) and outbreaks increase w rodent appearance in farm and this is asepticemic bacterial disease fowel cholera is must differanciated from other diseases make the same clinical signs i want to in from you donts depends on the clinical signs only as many diseases make the same signs we make good P.M lesion and blood smears to confirm this situation and if you confirmed that is afowel cholera i advice you to use tetracyclines as it adrug of choice in fowel and in turkey use sulphaq and in ducks use pencillines and sulphamethq .
Good luck
Dr abdelaziz ( avian poultry conslutant) egypt

Stephen Adejoro Dr Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
November 13, 2012

If you are experiencing repeated on and off mortality despite medication,please check the mycotoxin level of the feed.or repeat your medication with a broad spectrum nanotechnology Toxin binder in your feed
I recommend you may use MTOX+ with Mfeed also a Nano biotic in the feed for a lasting solution
Unfortunately you did not tell us the age at the first outbreak and at which age you experienced repeated mortality
Fowl cholera very often will appear towards peak production of eggs ,say between 25wks to 28wks and you may experience a repeat of the outbreak at 12 weeks intervals, so in a layer flock you can have a sequence like 26wks, 38wks, 50wks 62wks if the flock are not vaccinated
If you want to vaccinate ,the vaccination spacing should be at the same interval because most bacteria vaccines will only protect for 3 months only
Have a good look at your source of water and the zanotory disposal of the dead birds.sometimes a re infection take place if water sources are recontaminated or if the water is a shallow well prone to contamination fromburried carcasses
Good Hygiene and bio security
Use Broad spectrum Toxin binder with a Nano biotic or any good antibiotic
Do a strategic medication at intervals of 10- 12 weeks to avoid a reoccurring of infection
Rodents control
Avoid recirculation of feed bags
Avoid siting near by fish ponds as kenerry birds may recirculate the germ from poultry houses to the nearby fish ponds from where it could be recirculated to poultry farms

Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
November 13, 2012

We must first make the diagnosis of the disease. For this you should consult a laboratory. It will be necessary samples for bacteriological analysis. If this is the Fowl Cholera, you must make your farm decontamination (disinfection and rodent control). Crawlspace a month is required. Then, bring new animals and to establish a vaccination program.

Maheswar Rath Maheswar Rath
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
November 13, 2012

Dear farmer sir,
You need to give some history of the flock but your statement do not say much of the history:
1-what is the bird type layer or parent broilers?
2-what is the age of of first notice of mortality and your detail mortality patterns age wise % and cumulative %.
3-What type of feed you are offering and what are the formulations details?
4-pl expand NOC what you mean?
5-Any technical person done PM if yes what are his findings.
6-What is the flock size, you have got pullets for housing or chicks you have grown at your farm?
7-Is it deep litter or cage and what is the floor space offered.If layers then percentage of egg production graph and cumulative number of eggs till date with cumulative kgs of feed per bird?what is the livestock verity .
8-what about water quality and source of water for chicken you have kept?
well fowl cholera has vaccination schedules can be given from growing period as primary and booster. But You are saying about re-occurrence of mortality .what are the exact treatment you applied.
Please mention all these details for meaningful discussion. poultry disease discussions without details may not be helpful drawing up strategies .
-Comb pale , greenish yellow diarrhea are not adequate to conclude FC.Show to some local poultry specialist for PM sir and let us hear details points proposed sir.. dr m rath, consultant in poultry

Falope A.john. Falope A.john.
November 13, 2012
Yes, I had a similar challenge last year and what I did was to step up biosecurity,treat my water lines(if you use one ).medicate feed(after i did seromonitoring and sesitivity test) then i injected and then medicated the birds using amoxycol (after the test) for 5 days.
Dr. Arifur Rabbi Dr. Arifur Rabbi
Veterinary Doctor
November 19, 2012

Check the base of heart for heamorrhage for confirmation. If Fowl Cholera is confirmed, you can use Ciprofloxacin and Amoxicillin for 10 days. Also use Vitamin C. Hand feeding (using dropper) is best way to ensure maximum drug intake.

Dr. Arifur Rabbi Dr. Arifur Rabbi
Veterinary Doctor
November 19, 2012

Check the base of heart for heamorrhage for confirmation. If Fowl Cholera is confirmed, you can use (Sulphadiazine+ Trimethoprim) & Ciprofloxacin for 10 days. Also use Vitamin C. Hand feeding (using dropper) is best way to ensure maximum drug intake.

Dr. Hassan Kazim Dr. Hassan Kazim
BSc(Hons)Poultry science
November 28, 2012
It is bad habit to give the specific drug treatment to chickens because it more sensitive so please give the treatment after post mortem ..thank u
kufre kufre
Poultry farmer
May 8, 2014
Could anybody please enlighten me about what could be responsible for the death of 4 3 weeks old broilers in one day? when i checked i discovered whitish excreta.
Dr. Hassan Kazim Dr. Hassan Kazim
BSc(Hons)Poultry science
May 9, 2014
now u can tetracycline
Narayan Banik Narayan Banik
M sc in tropical vet science
November 18, 2014
Fowl cholera is a bactierial disease it can be treated with ( oxytetracycline, nofloxacilline, with liquid toxin binder
July 6, 2018

Have recently received results from necropsy on 18 week pullet. Diagnosed avian cholera. Am I better off to cull the entire flock and start again?My main concerns are 1. Are all my birds now carriers if they have been exposed? (some have been symptomatic but seem to have recovered) 2. Can't find any info on weather or not the eggs will be safe to eat and my husband only likes runny egg yolks. 3. How long before I can get new chickens if I do have to cull the entire flock? I am hoping total flock replacement is not the case as I have some lovely silver, gold and blue laced Wyandotte pullets and wheaten maran pullets. Am also concerned that it will be hard to ever achieve a clean environment again if I do depopulate as there is a large wild bird presence as well as wild rabbits and some mice.

September 26, 2018
Please I need help on the best antibiotics and anti-Coccidiosis medication to be used in brooding broiler.
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