Maheswar Rath
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
served as poultry specialist all over india and now also serving in Inida . worked in national services and private sectors till date.
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2015
nice to read the article. i raise one point enriched egg is a new concept in egg industry .Good work and findings are published showing the various important nutrients made available through enriched chicken egg. A person getting normal egg and other getting enriched eggs as a priced egg. Do all consumers need to avail the enriched egg beneficial for health or any specific group of human need such ...
Participation in Forum on May 27, 2015
IBH is very much pronounce and important disease in broiler specially sensitive to high growth broilers. Such histopathological studies are essential to have differential diagnosis with high degree of ascitis in winter months where shed ventilation are not optimal. In India north ventilation of sheds during winter and warming up the shed due to low environmental temperature get disturbed due t ...
Participation in Forum on May 25, 2015
Well the issue of transmission of disease from avian to human being is a new culture spread by some world wide due to various thinking at different levels including some scientists. The fear generating concepts in business management has become the present age trend. Well even there is small issues like water purifiers are also marketed with advantage arguments between firms and all most all mar ...
Participation in Forum on May 5, 2015
yes, it is a good analysis based on statistical results. Do you suggest any energy: protein ratio for best growth and chicken body wt at 42days and other ages of economical needs? If yes is there any quantification of free amino acids incorporation ratio are possible and with protein source ingredient ? The article rightly say synthetic amino acids or free amino acids support least cost formulat ...
Participation in Forum on April 30, 2015
yes it is good approach to find out statistically the impact of any inputs. Here in this experiment i feel we could have known the impact of enzyme and impact of antibiotic separately . For this treatments of experiment could have been more . It is because i am unable to know the improvement is due to antibiotic or the enzyme or both needed to be differentiated . Further the safety food norm how ...
Participation in Forum on April 15, 2015
dear sir, i am happy to see a good point in the article with ref to feeding byproducts of fruits and vegetables. well we have to perhaps think how we can do it when collection of such items may be difficult except from processing plants where ever available or local collections. we have to also look to the moisture contains and bacterial loads and problems on storage and transportation etc. well i ...
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yes it is good review article on SAA methionine and analog is cysteine . present age amino acid digestible are more discussed in the literature for formulation of poultry feed due to mono gastric.If manufacturing of methionine is based through chemical and biological fermentation technology then it is said the digestibility of such production difference also contribute to digestibility of methion ...
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It is a good article in supporting a product of natural remedies pvt ltd 'zist'. Author may highlight the contents of the herbal product which is photogenic and immunomodulator and support genetic potency of poultry stocks on production traits etc. what is cost of zist for kg of whole feed . thank you. m rath
Participation in Forum on March 17, 2015
dear sir, very nice article with new technology for differential diagnosis. Avian Influenza virus has gained importance very recently say 15years but ND virus is very old and are controlled through vaccination in poultry. ND can cause conjunctivitis in human being some time but AI virus there is no definite trend of zoonotic importance and any infection to human being said to create pandemic But ...
Participation in Forum on March 13, 2015
Arbocel is a commercial product? there need to be nutritional tables showing NSP from different ingredients incorporated in the feed formulations showing soluble and insoluble fiber or in percentage . However foot pad dermatitis is a litter moisture status linked issue. We can look to deep litter status and the optimum depth of litter and ventilation of the shed for balancing the wet litter issue ...
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