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Dr. Hassan Kazim
BSc(Hons)Poultry science
Research in Sultan Feed mills and Premium farm Doctor consultant Yaseen Chicks Jhang. Technical Services Officer in CPPK. Technical manager of ICI Pakistan. Technical officer in Fast feed.
BSc(Hons)Poultry science
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Drug Incompatibility:Definition: Drug Incompatibility refers to interactions between two or more substances which lead to changes in chemical, physical, therapeutic properties of the pharmaceutical dosage form.A drug interaction is a situation in which a substance (usually another drug) affects the activity of a drug when both are administered together. This action can be synergistic (when the dru ...
Participation in Forum on September 29, 2017
Dear, hope you are fine.You can use minimum ventilation by side fans and use pedestal stand fan by opposite direction which floats your inner air by continuous.Thanks.
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Dear Barot, No there no different, the only different and effect negatively is when broiler comes without MDA . All the best Bakri
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Dear Barot , First thank you for your message and sorry for late reply as I was traveling. - yes we did challenge under isolation condition and the group has been vaccinated was very well protected and the challenge method was as spray . - yes with differant isloations of H9 to evaluate the pathogensity all of the gave same level except one of them gave more than , others but the area where the v ...
Participation in Forum on February 10, 2017
Please, send me data of research.
Participation in Forum on November 5, 2016
Not any specific effect on egg.but some pigmentation also effected
Participation in Forum on October 4, 2016
welcome african brothers at any plate form
Participation in Forum on September 24, 2016
Kindly sorry to understand ur topic is to large to understand kindly divert in small Pieces to easy to understand for better ans. Thank-you brother
Participation in Forum on September 18, 2016
Yes u can do eye drop its batter options for chicken health.because water treatment no issues for vaccines when eye drop done.
Participation in Forum on July 23, 2016
No Any type stableliZer is recommended for vaccines and other acidfier se may be dangerous for little bit more use.
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