Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
dr of veterinary medecine
im doctor abdelaziz im specialized in veterinary medecine and in chicken disease i have 2 specialized lab in egypt in diagnosis of avian disease
dr of veterinary medecine
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I think I.B is very important disease affect many country The situation is very bad if accompanied by avian influenza H9
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B.C bronchial cast at tracheal bifurcation from my poultry secrets book
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Complicated CCCRD
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I think avian influenza h9n2 is very dangerous disease when appears in area that infectous bronchitis is endemic From my experience in dealing with virus is to vaccinate the layer to obtain good maternal lmmunity Thank you
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I think avian flu H9N2 in middle east represent avery big problem in avian rearing and i think using of killed vaccine in layer is very important and from my field observation through my lab in egyptian market the vaccination in broiler is of no value as this virus can enter farm from one day as i see Thank you
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there is an old example about poultry eating is called poultry eat for calories and poultry is grain eater so in modern rearing and introduce for poultry pellets feed which called afast food having high level of energy so it leads to high body weight gain in broiler of about 2 kg meat of eating 3.250 kg feed at about 32 days but we notice that the immunesystem of this birds will be not goo ...
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factor affecting immune system of birds
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hii to avoid ascietis you must know in first the machanizm of ascietis to avoid its reasons machanizm of ascietis is as the rapid growth and high body weight gain and high density of poultry in farm and eating of fast food pellets in the last 10 years of poultry industry leads to increase the body demand for oxygen and increase in cardiac output and it leads to increase the pulmona ...
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