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Water is the most important nutrient for poultry; survival time is limited in its absence. Birds can survive for longer periods without any other nutrient than they can survive without water. Although water is regarded as the most essential nutrient, it is impossible to state its exact requirements. Birds generally drink approximately twice as much water as the amount of feed consumed on a weight ...
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Brian Jordan (University of Georgia) talks about the advances made in the research of this method, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dear Prof. Pulido- Landinez, Thank you for your precious talk. I also studied S. Infantis in whole PhD and my thesis was about S. Infantis in Turkey as well. Sincerely Özlem SAHAN YAPICIER
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Martha Pulido-Landínez (Mississippi State University) went over her research on the serotype in chicken farms and processing plants, as well as its effects on the birds, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dr.Talapaneni.Kotaiah ozone and energized oxygen are differenced each other. Also Ozone has a 4 atom but energized has only 2. Furthermore, due to the fact that ozone is unstable in water, in which some ozone-resistant compounds occur, including pesticides and chlorinated solvents, only partial oxidation may take place. Although similar effects with O3, energized O2 is stable in water and friendly ...
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Dr.Talapaneni.Kotaiah , I apologize for the delay in replying your question. I send you website link to get more information about the system. King regards
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Huwaida E.E. Malik , Thank you very much for your interest and comment. Kind regards
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