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Dr.Mujahid Kamran
DVM MSC Microbiology
19 years of an extensive knowledge about poultry vaccines and vaccination techniques. Vaccination Schedules with preventive action plan and Disease Diagnosis.
DVM MSC Microbiology
Participation in Forum on May 28, 2020
Hi yes acidic water effects live vaccines quality therefore when use vaccine in D/W PH range should be 6.5-6.8.
Participation in Forum on October 30, 2019
Dear Dr.Husam thank you for very prompt reply, as you seen H9 outbreak at day 09 and 05. What about MDA role in broiler? And please suggest vaccination day with inactivated vaccines.
Participation in Forum on October 29, 2019
Dear Dr.Husam,There are some research papers represent that there is gene re assortments from H5 and H7 in H9N2 Virus in recent years therefore on AI vaccines China is doing a lot of research and work and their strains are closer to current field strains gives 80 to 85% protections. Please comment on this point. In my opinion, vaccine strains produced in the last 7 years are not so much closer to ...
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Low pathogenic avian influenza is low pathogenic only in SPF and not in commercial poultry. So-called low pathogenic avian influenza is exacerbated by bacterial and viral agents resulting in mortality even>80%. Further feed and feed ingredients are heavily contaminated with e.Coli/coliforms and other microbial contaminants. Water is sanitized with sanitizing agents/ enviornment is disinfected w ...
Participation in Forum on July 21, 2018
Dear Colleagues My suggestion is to use IB variants if isolate is filed virus, please do not confuse with field and vaccinal virus. Excessive use of variant vaccines without knowing vaccination period results in collapse of immunity.
Participation in Forum on April 12, 2018
Hi, I really appreciate this kind of training and willing to participate in upcoming trainings. Please let us know criteria of participation.Regards,Dr. Muhammad Mujaihid Kamran
Participation in Forum on February 29, 2016
Effective vaccination management is very important for all routes eg injection at hatchery drinking water eye drops etc etc I did not see any comments about use of Deventer Formula for live vaccines especially Intermediate vaccines than Intermediate plus booster vaccine in current scenario. Water quality control is also possible. Its my own experience there is good weight gain and performance ...
Participation in Forum on February 29, 2016
There are chances of severe immunosuppression due to bursa damage by immune complex vaccine virus in early days if MDA level is too low or in case if breeder is not well vaccinated with killed IBD vaccines. IMMUNE COMPLEX VACCINES contain Intermediate plus strains which cause massive damage of bursa in low MDA level birds. The best choice is to use live vaccine in water by using Deventer formul ...
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June 12, 2015
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