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Discussion created on March 19, 2017
Dear colleagues, This is a case of a 6000 layers flock, 36 weeks of age. 1.5 months ago the flock was suspected and tested for salmonellosis which came out to be positive. The flock was treated with gentamicin and bcomplex injection for 3 consecutive days. The mortality was reduced for a few days but then it increased again. The post mortem lesions show extremely fragile liver and blackish necroti ...
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2015
Dear Ahmed Din Anjum, thanks for your suggestion. This picture was taken in a post mortem of a live sick bird. So is it fair to say its an autolytic or putrefactive change????
Participation in Forum on June 14, 2015
Thanks to all of you for all these valuable suggestions. I am following up the case and will provide you the results very soon.
Photo posted on June 10, 2015
Showing extremely fragile liver
On the album: Poultry cases
Participation in Forum on December 25, 2014
Recently I have been observing some layer farms in the eastern Nepal. I encountered the same problem and applied all the management approaches mentioned but still could not overcome with the problem.In my opinion another option could be grading of the birds. So grading was suggested for those underweight birds and specific management was made for them like decreasing lighting hours by an hour and ...
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December 6, 2014
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