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Viral Infection

Published: August 2, 2014
By: Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim

General immunodepressed bird

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Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
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Winnie Babirye
2 de agosto de 2014
what can be done in such condition?
Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
2 de agosto de 2014

This mean that this bird is immunodepressed so you must go far from using of any immunodepressed drugs or injection and you must use vitamines and immunostimulant drug for not less than 7 days.

Winnie Babirye
3 de agosto de 2014
Thank you so much doctor.hope this will help my farmers because it has been common problem.
Kimleang Wg
19 de agosto de 2014
I'm sorry Dr. How can we recognize which one is Bacterial or Viral infection?
Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
19 de agosto de 2014

Hi Kimleang, 
It is very easy to recognize the bacterial infection or viral infection. You must recognize the rate of mortility and the rate of feed intake, if it increases or decreases then make your P.M lesion to recognize if it is bacterial or viral infection. Then go ahead to further serological investigation. These signs don´t mean that there is a virus but it is an indicator to good investigation to the farm and take care from using of antibiotic or injection or vaccination. If you make P.M lesion and see that there is virus infection go away from using of antibiotic or injection or a routine programme of vaccination untill the virus takes its severity and mortility decreases the using antibiotic to overcome secondary bacterial infection but if they are only signs of bacterial infection only use antibiotic as easy as you can.
Good luck
Dr. Abdelaziz

Ali Rizvi
1 de julio de 2021
Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahimi In some cases if we wait for viral infection to subside before initiating antibiotic therapy . In the meantime secondary bacterial becomes uncontrollable. And some times this flared secondary bacterial infection doesn’t respond to any treatment.
Kimleang Wg
20 de agosto de 2014
Thank you very much Dr.!
chren vet
21 de agosto de 2014
How can we identify which is virus and bacteria?
Kimleang Wg
21 de agosto de 2014
You can see his previous comment!
1 de septiembre de 2014
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Dibyajyoti Rabha
10 de septiembre de 2014
dear sir is it advisable to treat with antibiotics if the bird is suffering from immunodepresion as well as bacterial infaction.
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