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Easy-immune® farm trial report

Published: January 3, 2023
By: Life Rainbow Biotech
Cordyceps militaris is widely used as a tonic for vitality and longevity for thousands of years by the Chinese, it is a rare and exotic Chinese medicinal mushroom. Cordyceps militaris also used for a long time as a nutraceutical food in Korea and Japan. The medical potential of the metabolites of Cordyceps militaris has been widely reviewed.
Cordycepin, or 3'-deoxyadenosine, is the major active secondary metabolite of Cordyceps militaris. Easy-immune contains cordycepin and polysaccharides from Cordyceps as natural immunity booster. Cordycepin can disturb virus replication by competitive binding due to its nucleoside analog structure. The Cordyceps polysaccharides can stimulate immune cells and increase the non-specific immunity in animals. So Easy-immune can provide necessary support to animals under intensive farming to fight against the pathogen and environmental pressure. Have many positive results in poultry, swine, and shrimp farming.
Location: Central, Taiwan
Farm scale: 12,000 laying hens
Among the folks, 6000 laying hens at 36 week-old were infected with Newcastle disease. The laying rate decreased from 86% to 80% after infection. And the mortality was around 0.75% after disease breakout.
Treatments: Easy-immune® (water-soluble) 500X dilution + Vitamin C at 4th day after infection.
The mortality rate was controlled in 2 days (0.10%). After continuous application for 2 weeks, there was no symptom of infection, and the health status of farm was built up.
Easy-immune® farm trial report - Image 1
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