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Winnie Babirye
skilled facilitator in agro-vet in- put product knowledge,extension services,seed merchardising,research and data analysis collection,value chain assessment,feedback repporting,business management,out put marketing and mapping,handling and application of agriculture chemicals...
Participation in Forum on December 21, 2018
This so true chain has issues with partners.let them come and we are ready to work together.
Participation in Forum on November 21, 2015
Clearly from comments and my experience its only to observe cleaniess and fix properly drinkers can help to solve problem.
Participation in Forum on October 13, 2015
Enviroment should free from noise .
Participation in Forum on August 3, 2014
Thank you so much doctor.hope this will help my farmers because it has been common problem.
Participation in Forum on August 2, 2014
what can be done in such condition?
Photos published on August 2, 2014
farm feed mixing
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Participation in Forum on May 4, 2014
Dear teresa, I think its good begining and what i dont understand if the sale of antibiotics to african countries can stop how do you reflect on that
Participation in Forum on March 18, 2014
Dear Dr. Badr,Thanks so much for the information and, with your expertise and experience, I would like to know how often can that inclusion of that manure be used and if there is still any relationship improvement in terms of production and at what percentage...
Participation in Forum on March 17, 2014
Dear Joly, We appreciate your effort and work you are doing, but it´s not a common practice in feeding poultry in management because it needs more research.
Photo posted on March 11, 2014
performing layers
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